Chapter 4:

Rachel's Pov

I picked up my pink bunny,Lila and threw it at Danny. It hit him on the back of the head. I laughed.

''Real mature!'' Danny shouted. I laughed even harder,''I know,right?''

He picked up Edwin,my penguin and threw it at me. It hit me in the stomach,''Okay,it's like that now?''

I picked up a arm load of stuffed animals and thew it at Danny. He did the same.

He dodged another arm load of stuffed animals and grabbed me by the waist,I screamed.

He grabbed me and pulled me down on the floor and started tickling me,''Noo! Stop! Hahaha! Danny!''

I was about to explode,and I guess he knew it too because he let me go. ''Truce?'' I said out of breath.

Danny nodded and then he kissed me for no reason. God,I love this boy.

We laid on my bed and cuddled while he whispered sweet and cute things into my ear.

''How old are you?'' I asked him. ''21.How old are you?'' He is so perfect. ''19.'' I told him.

He just nodded and kissed my forehead. ''Where are your parents?'' I asked him.

He was quiet for a minute,''They died in a car wreck when I was about 14.'' Poor Danny.

''Oh,I'm sorry. I'm just nosy.'' He chuckled,''I know. But it's okay. I love you anyway.''

I laughed and kissed his nose,''I love you too,Danny.''

I heard somebody argueing in the hallway,''You don't even have a best man yet!? The wedding is tomarrow!''

And then I realized it was my mom freakin' out on Camron. Danny and I laughed and listened to their convo.

Then the door flew open and Camron walked in,''Who's that?'' Camron asked me pointing at Danny.

I rolled my eyes,''My boyfriend.'' Camron turned to Danny,''What's up,man? Good to meet you. Wanna be my best man?''

Wow. . .he doesn't even know his name. ''Sure,dude.'' Danny said.

Camron nodded,''Thanks,man.'' And then he walked out the door. Boys are weird. ''Your mom's marrying him?'' Danny asked me.

I nodded. He didn't say anything.

''I'm tired.'' I complained. ''I am too. Someone interuppted my nap.'' He said. I rolled my eyes and snuggled closer to him.

I felt so warm next to his body. ''I gotta pee.'' Danny said. I laughed,''Then go.'' So retarded. ''But it feels so good laying next to you.''

Aww. He's dumb. ''Go pee!'' He laughed and got up to go pee.

Five minutes later he walked back into the room,''All done.'' I laughed,''You are so stupid!''

He did a fake pout,''But you love me anyways.'' I kissed him,''I sure do.''

We snuggled up together and then Danny said,''Guess what?'' I was almost asleep. ''What?'' I asked him annoyed.

''I dropped my phone in the toilet.'' I laughed,''How'd you do that?'' He shrugged,''Well it wasn't easy.'' My special little guy.

I closed my eyes once more and then,''Crap. The screens just blank.''

I lost my patience with him,''Go to sleep,Danny.'' was all I said. And then I finally fell asleep.

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