Chapter 17

Rachel's Pov

This is so stressful. No wonder my mom was freaking out when she going through her wedding. All this planning is nerve racking.

''Relax,darling. I have everything under contol. All you have to do is show up,walk down the aisle and say I do. Leave the rest to me.'' Melinda told me.

Melinda was pretty good at this stuff,so mom asked her to help plan the wedding. But Melinda took completely over. Which we really didn't mind. The guest list was wrote out. Camron and Danny had paid for their stolen tuxes and my dress was delivered. Melinda assured us the rest would be taken care of. Mom and I sat on the wooden swing on the porch.

''So have you thought about who's going to walk you down the aisle?'' Mom asked.

''Well I guess my father is out of the question.'' I said.

Mom looked suprised. I have never,and I mean never,in all of my nineteen years asked her any small detail about my father. As a child,I've always seen all the other little girls sit on their fathers' laps and call them daddy. I never had that. But I had my mother. And she was always there no matter what. So I decieded maybe,I was better off without knowing who my father was.

''Do you even know who he is?'' I asked her.

Mom looked pretty hurt at my question. I didn't mean to hurt her. But doesn't she think it's time to tell me just a little something about the man I shared my DNA with?

''Yes. As a matter of fact,I do. We were young. And we were in love.'' She said slowly.

''Love. You know,before I met Danny,I didn't think love existed. But now,I see how wrong I was.'' I smiled. ''Mom,it's been nineteen years. Tell me.''

Mom sighed. ''I found out I was pregnant with you. I was scared to death. I was sixteen. I didn't know what to do with a baby. I told your father,and he said he just wasn't ready to have a child. He told me to get an abortion. But Rachel,from the minute I knew you were inside of me,I loved you. I couldn't even think of not having you. I broke up with your father,and I dropped out of school. I raised you all by myself. No matter how hard it was. And now, nineteen years later,my little girl is all grown up and about to be married.''

I sat there,not saying a word. I didn't know what to say. My own father didn't want me. I felt so. . .sad. That was the only word for it. What was wrong with me? What did I ever do to him,that made me so unwantable?

''Who is he?'' I whispered.

''His name is John Corbin. He lives outside of town,in Bradford. He's a mechanic.''

''I want to see him.'' I choked out.

''Rachel. .are you sure?'' She asked me.

''Yes.'' I said.

''Alright,I'm coming with you.''

''No! This is something I have to do alone.'' I told her.

Mom said nothing but just nodded.


Bradford wasn't a big town. And there was only one mechanic. It's funny that my father's been so close all these years. I pulled my mustang in at the auto shop. A man came out,wearing a blue button up shirt and stained blue jeans. His eyes were the same shade of green that mine were. His hair was light brown,like mine also.

''Can I help you,miss?'' He asked me.

''Um. .Hi,I'm Rachel Matthews.'' I stuck out my hand and he shook it.

''Matthews,huh? Sounds famailiar.'' He said,rubbing his chin.

''May I have a word with you? I know you don't know me,but it's really important.'' I said.

''Um. . .sure.'' He pulled out two lawn chair and we sat down.

I took a deep breath,''Kate Matthews is my mother.'' I said.

His eyes got wide. ''How is Kate?'' He asked.

''She's fine. She got married a while back.''

He just nodded,''Tell her I'm happy for her.''

Something told me he wasn't exactly happy.

''The thing is. . I'm your daughter. .'' I said.

His mouth dropped. He looked into my green eyes,which were his. I saw his hand reach out and touch my soft,light,brown hair,which was his. He looked like he was in awe.

''How?'' He whispered.

''My mother told you she had an abortion. She lie,and she raised me all alone. Because you didn't want me.'' I stated.

He shook his head,''It's not that I didn't want you,Kid. It's just that,hell I was 17 years old. I didn't know how to be a father. I told Kate to get rid of it. That I wanted no part of it. But dammit kid,if I had knew nineteen years later you would show up here. . .I would have done everything I could to be the best father in the world. But you're all grown up now. And, I'm guessing that my time to be there for you is up. I just want you to know. .I will still be here for you. You're my kid. And. .I'm sorry.'' His voice broke at the end.

I stood up. .I thought about leaving. But I did something else instead. I hugged him. He looked pretty suprised,but he hugged me back.

''Say,that's a pretty sweet mustang you got there.'' He said wiping his eyes.

I laughed and wiped my eyes too,''Thanks. I've had er for a while. She's like a part of me. Beautiful,ain't it?'' I said as we looked at my baby.

''Yeah. Who do let work on it?'' He asked me.

''Ha! Nobody. When it needs fixing,I do it myself. I dunno,I've always just kinda had a talent for fixing stuff,building stuff. I had 100 in woodshop.'' I said.

''Looks like you got more than just your looks from me.'' He said with a twinkle in his eye. ''Come on,I gotta show you something.'' He said as he walked to the back.

He pulled off the sheet,and man it was GTO red and black coup!

''Where'd you get this?'' I asked in amazement.

''I've had er since I was 15.'' He said with tenderness love and care. ''Wanna go for a ride?'' He asked me,jangling the keys and then he tossed him to me.

My eyes were big,but I climbed in the drivers' seat. ''Where to?''

He shrugged,''Does it matter?''

''Not really.''

''Then kill it!''

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