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MAGCON Group chat by shawnmendesfanfixs
MAGCON Group chatby shawnmendesfanfixs
Kylie has been added to the group chat. Oh dang.
  • mendes
  • nash
  • matt
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Spreading My Wings by AlexandriaSutherland
Spreading My Wingsby Lighgail
Join Nicole Walden, adopted daughter of Camron Walden as they begin to start their lives in a world where talking animals, strange creatures, and creatures you've read i...
  • carrie
  • camron
  • zechariah
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Never look back by theoneand_only
Never look backby Princess minaj
Riley is a 15 year old girl she has a nice house, car, job Oliva is just like Riley she's 15 she smart she Riley twin sister you my think there world perfect well it's...
  • dallas
  • camron
  • nash
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daughter of the queen of hearts  by DaziahLopez
daughter of the queen of hearts by Daziah Lopez
Elizabeth hearts
  • camron
  • carson
  • sofia
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PART I: It follows 2 ppl, from 2 different walks of life & how their worlds merge into the other. She's a sexy, Bohemian-styled undergraduate, who's still figuring out w...
  • kilo
  • urban
  • drama
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Sex slave by Debbieismexican
Sex slaveby Debbieismexican
Deez nuts
  • shawn
  • coffee
  • hot
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Riverdale (Archie andrews) by lovelakes1321
Riverdale (Archie andrews)by lovelakes1321
This is a story about river dale. In this story you are dove and you end up falling in love wit a ginger boy Archie Andrews. You are best friends with betty and jughead...
  • andres
  • griffinandgargoles
  • blackhood
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A different kind of brother/nash grier & camron dallas by rodies1998
A different kind of brother/nash Alex
כשאמא של נאש הודיעה לו שהחבר החדש שלה ובנו יגיעו לגור איתם הוא לא ציפה שדווקא זה יקרה, שהוא יתאהב באחיו החדש -מומלץ מגיל 12 -סיפור אהבה גאה -כל הזכויות שמורות -פאנפיק
  • nash
  • אהבה
  • קמרון
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Cams Kind Of Party Prt 1 by aidangrayson
Cams Kind Of Party Prt 1by aidangrayson
Your boyfriend Myles took you to party. Cam got a little glimpse of you and had to walk to over to you and tell you how pretty you are . Then he saw you kiss your boyfri...
  • halle
  • aidan
  • camcam
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Five nights at Freddy's 3 by theleagendFoxy33
Five nights at Freddy's 3by theleagendFoxy33
So one day at the pizzeria Bonnie Freddy Cheka and foxy Went to Freddy fazbears pizza and they turned in to Anmtronics uh noooo then the security guard came back
  • camron
  • mathew
  • mom
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Adopted by Madcon by AlannaBaker3596
Adopted by Madconby Alanna
Hi my name is Allie I have long brown hair brown eyes and light skin and I am going to tell you about what happened to me when madcon adopts me. First have you ever hear...
  • carter
  • madcon
  • camron
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haunted by darkdragon2
hauntedby darkdragon2
"We are all Born dead. Before anything begins If living Is a constant quest for awareness, The awareness we gain at the end is the real goal. In other words, deat...
  • hate
  • hunters
  • camron
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Bullied by Hayes grier by Hayes_babygirl
Bullied by Hayes grierby Hayes_babygirl
Hanna is a 15 year old and she is bullied bye Hayes grier will she forgive him or will she hate him for ever you'll just have to find out yourself
  • nash
  • hanna
  • hayes
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love story by MandieSmallwood6
love storyby Mandie Smallwood
People who are need to thank Will archer Billy Pezzeca Misty dyar Chloe ward Khiler kole
  • dovecammron
  • camron
  • peytonlist
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Love always comes with pain by Katymyers132
Love always comes with painby Katymyers132
She was normal he was famous would katie do anything to be with Cameron or will she give up on the love they have
  • camron
  • dallas
Camron Dallas/just Be by JamieWarren05
Camron Dallas/just Beby JamieWarren05
Cameron can't wait to see her again
  • camron
  • justwate
  • lol
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Why me by KellyKing255
Why meby Kelly King
A camron dallas fanfic
  • camron
  • grier
  • dallas
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Hayes grier or Taylor caniff? by mayseamay
Hayes grier or Taylor caniff?by Maysea
My story is 3023 and Emily and camryn are princess. They are from different kingdoms. They run away cause they hate the pressure. They change their look and every thing...
  • macgon
  • jackj
  • aron
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Riverwoods by Mel2102
Riverwoodsby Mel.mtc
Underneath its quiet little town look, Riverwoods actually hides dark secrets. Before we moved... I thought Riverwoods was just an ordinary town. But there are dark secr...
  • annie
  • riverwoods
  • triller
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