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Chapter 16

Rachel's Pov

I awoke,tangled up in sheets and under the warmth of Danny's body. I looked at his face,he sleeping soundly. I gently pushed him off of me. Jeez,he was heavy. I grabbed my robe from my closet. The closet door was broken. It was a reminder of how close I came to death yesterday. So was the pain I felt in my leg,at this moment.

Mom walked in my room,''You okay?''

I nodded,''Yeah. It just hurts a little. I'm gonna take a shower.'' I told her.

''Doc said baths are better. You need to stay off that leg.'' She told me.

I nodded and did as she said. I ran the bath water and slipped off my robe. I slid into the warm water and relaxed. The wedding is in 3 more weeks. I just can't wait.

---After bath---

I walked back into my room and stepped inside the walk-in closet. I grabbed a pair of underwear from my drawer and the matching bra. It's not like I was leaving the house today,so I just threw on one of Danny's shirts. I went and laid on the couch and watched Tv. I must have fell asleep because the next thing I know,I'm lifted off the ground. I looked at Danny's face as he carried me to the guest room. His dark brown hair was wet,which made it look darker. He must have just got out of the shower.

''Why did you bring me to the guest room?'' I asked him.

''Because you're mom's having your room remodeled,since it's like destroyed.''

I nodded,''Oh.''

He layed me on the king size bed and fell on top of me.

''I'm still mad at you.'' I said.

''Why?'' Danny pouted.

''Because I told you I was sleepy,but you didn't listen.'' I stated.

''Oh.'' He said as he laid next to me.

I laughed. Wow. 'oh' was all he could say. Danny put his arm across my stomach. He knew he was forgiven anyway. I lowered my eyelids and lifted my hand,trailing my fingers over his shoulder to the strong curve of his neck. I touched the square turn of his jaw and the faintly stubble firmness of his cheek, then brushed my fingers across the chisled curves of his lips, exploring their smooth yet firm surface.

Danny took my hand and kiss my fingertips. And then he kissed my lips. I kissed him back,my palms lay flat against the sides of his face.

''You need to shave.'' I told him as the kiss ended.

''Shut up.'' Danny said as he kissed my collarbone.

''Danny. . .''

Danny lifted his head up and looked me in the eyes,''What?''

I took a deep breath,''Do you want kids?''

He looked suprised by the question. ''Do you?''

''Yes.'' I said.

''Well,whatever you want babe so do I.'' He told me.

''That reminds me,I gotta suprise for you.'' He said.

I cocked a eyebrow.''What is it?''

''I'm not telling you. You have to wait until after the wedding.'' Danny said.

I sighed,''Fine.''

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