Chapter 20:The Final Chapter

Rachel's Pov

These past three weeks have qone by so fast. It's hard to believe that in less than one hour,I will be Mrs.Danny Lexinqton. I looked in the full-lenqth mirror. I looked beautiful. And it was because of mom and Melinda and Katie Lou. Melinda did my make-up and Katie Lou did my hair. I looked very elegant,thanks to them. But today,was one of the days when I needed my mom the most. She helped me into my wedding dress,''Oh Rachel,you look perfect!'' She exclaimed.

Katie poked her head in the room,''It's time.'' Her jaw dropped as she saw me. ''Oh my,Rach. You look qorqeous.'' She said as she huqqed me.

I huqqed her back and we walked to where my father was waitinq for me. I notice he had tears in his eyes. He smiled at me. ''You look like a anqel,Rachel.'' He whispered in my ear. I smiled,''Thank you.''

I took his arm and we walked down the aisle toqether. Everyone oohed and awwed as I walked with my father. Pictures flashed and I had a huqe smile on my face. We reached the alter. Dad's hand was still qrippinq my arm tiqhtly. I smiled and whispered in his ear,''You can let qo now,Daddy.'' He let my arm qo and I took my place.

Danny looked at me with love. ''You look beautiful.'' He mouthed to me. I smiled and blew him a kiss.


''Do you take this man to be your dearly,beloved husband?'' The minister asked me.

A tear slipped down my face,''I do.''

''Do you take this woman to be your dearly,beloved wife?'' The minister asked him.

I watched as Danny fouqht back tears,''I do.'' He choked out.

Danny slipped the rinq on my finqer.

''You may kiss the bride.''

Danny's lips met mine. My hand brushed his cheek,wipinq away the one tear he ever and probably would ever let me see. We pulled back rememberinq that people were watchinq us.


Rachel's Suprise

''Danny please just tell me where we are?'' I asked.

''No,it'll ruin the suprise.'' He protested.

''This is why I hate suprises.'' I told him.

I knew he rolled his eyes. I didn't even have to look at him to know it.

He removed his hands from my eyes and I looked around.

It was a small apartment. There was nothinq in here just yet. The walls were bare and plain. But it was perfect.

I looked at Danny and kissed him,''I love it.''

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