Chapter 13

Rachel's Pov

I covered my mouth so I wouldn't scream when I heard him inside my room talking to me. Trying to get me to come out. My heart dropped when I heard the knob turn. He found me! He's going to kill me! Tears streamed down my face. The only things I could think of were my family. I hope he's gone before they get here. If I die,then I die for them. I won't let him hurt them. Tears flowed from my eyes as I thought of Danny. Neither of us can live without each other. I let out a small sob,I'm never gonna get to be Mrs.Danny Lexington.

Stalker's Pov

I heard something Vibrating. My eyes searched the room. It was her cell phone. The caller Id read his name. I let out a groan of digust. I answered her phone,to be polite of course. ''Hello?'' I said nicley. ''Rach? Who the hell is this?'' I heard him growl. I laughed,''Rachel can't come to the phone right now. I told you to stay away from her. She loves me. Not you.'' I heard the closet door slam open,''Danny! Danny,help! He's here! Danny!"' She screamed and reached for the phone. I threw it against the wall and watched as it shattered into pieces.

Rachel's Pov

I heard him talking on my phone. I knew it was Danny. I sprang from the closet without thinking. ''Danny! Danny,help! He's here! Danny!" Luke laughed at me and threw the phone. As the phone shattered so did my hope of life. No one will get here in time. No one to save me. Luke's eyes locked on me. I gulped. I lived a good life. ''Luke. . .'' was the only thing I managed to choke out. And then I heard the door open. ''Rachel! I'm home. Amy's staying at Jenny's house for the night. Rachel? Ugh,you made a mess in here!'' I've never loved my mom's voice as much as I did right now. But when I saw that dark glint in Luke's eyes,I felt like I wanted to throw up. ''No. .you can't.'' He smiled and then pushed my back into the closet. He put a chair against it to keep me from interferring what I dreaded was going to happen.

Danny's Pov

Camron and me were trying on tuxes. ''Man I look good in this one.'' Camron stated as he tried on his favorite tux. I rolled my eyes,''Yeah whatever. I'm gonna call and check on Rachel.'' He nodded and went back to looking at himself in the mirror. The phone rang about 3 time til she finally picked up. ''Hello?'' I heard a dude's voice. My heart sank. ''Rach? Who the hell is this?'' I growled. ''Rachel can't come to phone right now. I told you to stay away from her. She loves me. Not you.'' The little Fucker. I heard Rachel in the background,''Danny! Danny,help! He's here! Danny!'' And then the phone went dead. Mother,-''Who was that?'' Camron asked me. ''Fuck! Come on! The fucking stalker found her!'' His eyes got big but he ran with me. We heard the alarm go off and some clerk dude stepped in front of us,''Um gentleman,do you plan on buying those?'' Camron grunted in annoyance. I picked up the scrawny clerk and threw him out of my way.''Not right now.'' I growled. We jumped in the truck and I speeded off as fast as I could. And then we heard police sirens. ''Aw hell! Here come the cops!'' Camron said in alert. ''Good,they can help us.''

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