Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

Stalker's Pov

I snuck around her so she wouldn't see me just yet. She was cutting tomatoes and I stood behind her. She quit and stood there completely stiff and silent. I had my knife in my hand ready. ''Rachel?'' She slowly turned around. When she saw me her face dropped,''Luke?'' She whispered. She remembered me.

Rachel's Pov

I had to stop him. I couldn't let him hurt her. Any of them. They were my family. And family protects family. She's my mother. I had to save her. I rammed the door over and over again. And then I heard her scream. The thougth of anyone hurting my mother,nearly made me mad enough to kill. And in this case,that might be the only solution. I rammed the door once more. And the door slammed open. I ran to where I heard my mom scream. Luke was on top of her,holding her down. They were fighting over the knife. I couldn't think. I just jumped on his back and knocked him off of my mother. ''Rachel!'' I heard my mom shriek. Luke grabbed a hold of me and pinned me to the ground. The first thing that popped into my head was,use your head. I nodded my head forward,bumping it with his. I heard him yelp and he rolled off of me. Luke picked up the knife and slashed it at me. I ducked,but I ripped the sleeve of my shirt. Blood seeped through. My arm burned but I ignore it. I didn't see my mom but the next thing I know she had the broom and she hit him in the groin with it. Luke fell forward and the knife plunged into my leg. I let out a scream of pain. ''Rachel!'' My mom screamed as she rushed over to me. Tears were streaming down her face. ''Oh,Rachel! I'm so sorry! This is all,-'' I grunted and tried to hide the pain,''It's okay,mom. I'm alright.'' I asured her. I looked down at my leg. The knife was still there. In my leg. I grabbed the knife and jerked it out. I gasped and sucked in my breath. Shit that hurt. Blood poured out and mom cried. I heard Luke moan in pain. Mom and I both looked at each other. I tried to stand but I was in bad shape. Mom helped me up and we kept our eyes on Luke.

I whispered in mom's ear,''Run for help.'' She looked at me with wide eyes. ''No way in hell am I leaving you alone with a cold blooded killer.'' So damn frustrating. ''He's not gonna kill me.Just go.'' I said slowly. Mom shot me a look that told me she wouldn't leave me. I sighed and let go of her. ''Rachel?'' I opened the door and then shoved her with all my might out of the door. She screamed and I heard quite a few cuss words. I locked her out. I focused on Luke. He slowly got up. I kicked the knife under the couch. He looked at me. And then at my leg. It was bleeding through my pajama bottoms. ''Shit,I never meant to hurt you Rachel.'' Lie. ''It's okay. I know you didn't.'' I said with a fake smile. Mom had finally quit banging on the door and I'm guessing went to go get help. Luke looked at me and then he kissed me. He pryed his tongue into my mouth. It took everything I had to kiss him back. I had to show him I loved him. I had to lie. I had to keep him occupied before I wound up dead. I felt his lips on my neck. My leg felt like it was on fire. But I ignore it still. I could stand so that was good enough for me. ''Make love to me,Rachel.'' I heard him whisper. I felt like I had to puke. ''Okay.'' I whispered back. Keep him occupied,the little voice inside my head told me. I ripped off his shirt and threw it on the ground. My shaky hands started to unbuckle his belt. Luke layed my down on the carpet and kissed me. In the back of my head,I saw Danny's face. I felt like I was betraying him. But if I ever wanted to see Danny again,I had to do what I had to do.

Luke pulled off my shirt. I sucked in my breath as the shirt added pressure to the knife cut on my arm. I ignored it and kissed Luke with as much force as possible. And then,like hearing the angels sing I heard police sirens. Luke froze,''Fuck!"' He yelled. I pushed him off of me and made a bee-line for the door. He grabbed my by the ankel and pulled me back down to the ground. I kicked him in the face and he fell back.But then I felt him grab my hair and he pinned me down. I screamed and he covered my mouth. Tears streamed down my face,as I knew this was it. He was going to kill me. I finally gave up the fight,when the door was kicked in and several police officers with guns came into the living room. They pulled Luke off of me and threw him against the wall. His hands behind his back in handcuffs. And then Danny burst into the room,looking like he was absolutly crazy. ''Danny!'' I yelped. He ran to me and picked me up. ''Are you okay?'' He asked me. But then he noticed my leg and then looked back at me. I saw tears in his eyes but he quickly looked away,''Hey get a doc over here!'' He yelled at an officer. The officer nodded and an ER came into the room. He said the stab wound didn't hit a muscule or anything just soft tissue. I was going to be sore but I'd live. I was sitting on the back of the ambulance watching them as they put Luke into the police car. ''Rachel!'' I heard my mother scream. I jumped off the ambulance,almost falling [in my condition] and limped into my mothers arms. She cried and held me,''Don't you ever fuckin' do that again,you little shit head.'' I grimace,''Mom I'm really not comfortable with you using that kind of language.'' Mom laughed,''Then don't put me in a position where I have too.''

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