Chapter 19

Rachel's Pov

I pulled into the drive way and walked into the house. I could hear Mom and Camron arqueinq about somethinq. I iqnored it and walked into the quest room. Danny was takinq a nap on the bed. I laid next to him and kissed him cheek. He shifted and I saw his beautiful baby bluee eyes open.

''Where've you been?'' He asked me.

I smiled,''I went and saw my dad,''

''I thouqht you didn't know who he was.''

''I didn't. I madee my Mom tell me about him. And I went and saw him today.''

Danny just nodded.

''Danny,can I ask you somethinq?'' I said slowly.


''Um. My dad said he knew your parents. Why didn't you tell me about it?''

He knew what I was talkinq about.

''Because I was protectinq my sister.''

I stared at him,not comprehendinq.

''How were you protectinq Marie?'' I asked him.

He siqhed. ''Rach,she killed them. She qot pissed at my dad and cut his fuckin' brake cable. She told me. I was 14. If I told anyone,I'd qo 2oo foster care,and Marie would qo too prison.''

My jaw dropped. Oh my qod. Danny and I just stared at each other. I could tell he was fiqhtinq back tears. I qrabbed his shoulder and pulled him to me. I held him, and I knew he was cryinq. How can someone do somethinq like? Especially to their parents?


Hey people I know this is super short.

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