Chapter 1:

I stepped outside to get some fresh air. I couldn't stand it in there with my mother going on and on about her too-soon wedding. I sat on the porch steps in front of the house,my face in my hands.Why did it have to my mom? Why did it have to be my boyfriend? It's not like I loved him or anything,hell I was only with him because I was on Re-Bound. Me and my boyfriend for that week had broke up,cause you know the week was over. I was kinda bummed because he was really good in bed. So I went to this party with my girls and Camron was there. My best-Dude friend,Alex introduced us. We hit it off right from the start.

I gave him my number,we talked,went out,F***ed and I liked him. And then he met my mother.

My mom doesn't look like she's 33. She looks young and she's pretty. She's beyond pretty actually. She's gorgeous. When I was 16 we made a deal with each other,she wouldn't date/sleep with my boyfriends and I wouldn't date/sleep with her boyfriends. But I guess neither of us really kept our end of the deal. I know what you're thinking. You think I'm a huge sl*t,huh? Whatever,F*ck you Buddy. I just like s*x. I'm a s*x addict and proud of it. But really,where do you think I get the sl*ttyness from,hmm? It's not like I fu*cked old gross guys. Just the ones that were really fine,that she dated. She slept with a couple of mine,but I didn't really care. They were nothing more to me than just one-night stands.

Camron and I were together for a whole 3 weeks. That was like my longest relationship since middle school. I caught him and mommy Dearest in bed,when I was gonna suprise her by coming home for college for her birthday. I walked into the the house and I heard screaming and moaning,I really wasn't thinking. I just walked into her room and there they were,F*cking. I looked into Camron's hazel eyes and he looked back into my green eyes and said,''Hey,Rach.'' My mom peaked a look at my,''Oh..Honey,you made it home.'' I stood there kinda shocked but I regained my strength and sat on the edge of the bed,''Yeah I thought we'd do something together later if you wanted too. I really need a manicure.''

Camron stared at me with his eyes big. Mom looked pretty amazed at how I was taking this,''Uh..sure honey.'' Camron finally learned how to talk again,''So,you're like okay with this?'' I laughed at him,''You mean with you f*cking my mother? Sure. You were just the flavor of the week,hon.'' And with that,I got up and walked out the door. But not before saying,''Oh and Mom?'' She looked at me like I was crazy,''Yes Dear?'' I turned around and looked at her,''I have a secret myself,I f*cked Ryan.'' She gasped,''How could you?!'' Her voice cracked.Ryan was one of her boyfriends.Except that she ''Loved'' him. Til she found a thong in his concertible. Which were mine.

I gave her a big fake smile and walked to my old room. I just had to make sure I won. I called Ryan. He answered on the first ring,''Rachel?'' He sounded shocked. I used my sexy voice,''Hey Ry-Ry,what are you up to?'' Ryan stuttered,''Uh..nothing why?'' I laughed my flirty laugh,''Oh nothing. I'm just in town for the weekend and I need some company.'' And I got 'em. ''I'm on my way.'' Mommy Dearest will just have to learn,Don't f*ck with a girl who can f*ck you ex better than you can. Minutes later,Ryan arrive. He was really 28. My mom used to lie about her age. Even though she didn't have to. Ryan had blonde hair,blue eyes,and he was a size 10. Pretty d*mn near Perfect if you ask me. I opened the door and hugged him,making sure I pressed my body against his. I felt his hand on my a*s,I pulled him into my room and left the door unlocked. Mom was probably still f*cking Camron,who is by the way a size 8. Not up to my usual standards but I let it slide. Ryan and I undressed each other and then yes we had hardcore s*x on my bed in my mothers house.

-------Hours later------------

I licked his d*ck with my tongue,teasing him. I heard him moan,''Oh god Rachel.''

I laughed silenty to myself. Who said revenge was bitter-sweet? I find nothing bitter. And then I take in his d*ck with my mouth. Sliding my hands upon the rest. ''Oh shit.'' I heard his mutter as I gave him head. And then the door flew open,''Rachel we have to talk,I-''And then she stopped when she saw us. Her mouth open and eyes wide. A tear slide silenty down her face. Instead of stopping the fun like she had earlier,I switched positions as Ryan f*cked me Doggy-Style. Which I have to say is my favorite part. I ignored my mother as she ran out of the room and locked herself in the bathroom. I had to say I was enjoying this,''Uhhhhhhhh......Ryan!'' I screamed. Hehe.


After we were finished and I walked Ryan to the door we tongue kissed,''Call me agian sometime.'' He said as he left. Hmm..we'll see. With him I have to advantages. One:Mommy doesn't like it. Two:He's a size 10. I went into the bathroom to take a shower and I found my mom on the floor crying. I stepped over her,''Seems like we just keep walking in on each other today,don't we?'' She sobbed,''Rachel,you're my daughter. How could you do this?'' What about her? She ain't no d*mn angel. ''Me? How could you do this to me!?'' I shreiked. She got off the floor,''You didn't care about him anyway!'' She screamed back at me. ''Yes I did!'' And it was true.''I loved Ryan!'' She screamed. And then I lost my patience. My hand connected with his cheek. She was in utter shock. Her hand touched her cheek. A tear slid down my own face,''How could do this?'' I whispered. She let out a sob''Oh Rachel I'm sorry!'' She said crying. Maybe it is bitter-sweet. ''I'm sorry too!'' And we held one another and cried on the bathroom floor.

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