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Author's Note:I'm not really good at writing the stalker's pov so I'm not.


and presenting. . .

;;*.:Rachel's Pov:.*;;

---One week later---

We finally made it back home. A feeling of warth ran through me as we pulled into my driveway.Home sweet home. We were all in the limo. My mom had this big Bar-B-Q planned for today. Everyone was invited. Everyone put their suitcases into their cars and walked out to the backyard. Except me and mom. We stood there with a smile and I grabbed Amy's hand. She gave me weird look that said she didn't like the idea of another chick touching her in any way. I laughed at her,''Come on. We gotta suprise for you.'' We lead her into the house and into the guest bedroom. We walked in and I saw Amy's mouth drop. ''I'm tired of hearin' you snore,so we thought this would work better.'' I said. ''It's kinda punk/princess kinda style.Fashions by Rachel Matthews and Kate Matthews.-Erm Winter.'' I corrected myself. Mom smiled as she heard her new last name. Amy was still walking around awwing and oohing. Mom and I laughed,''I think she likes it,Rach.'' That's an understatement. I threw her my other gift. It was wrapped in newspaper. Couldn't find any wrapping paper. She held it up and looked at me confused,''What's this?'' I shrugged,''Just a little something I got you.'' She unwrapped it and screamed,''You got me a cell phone!'' Mom and I laughed as she hugged us both. ''Owwie.'' I said under my breath. ''I love you guys!"' She shrieked. ''We should go back outside,with the others.'' Mom said. ''I'm gonna change into a bikini.'' Mom nodded and I walked to my room while her and Amy walked outside. I pulled a blue tank top over a yellow bikini and went to find Danny. He was standing by the pool talking to Camron. They were laughing and nodding they're heads about something. I caught his eye and he smiled and walked over to me. He slung his arm around my shoulder,''Hey beautiful. Where ya been?'' Did someone miss me? ''No where. Changing.'' Danny eyed my bikini bottoms and shirt and then whispered in my ear,''Do you have to make me want you so much?'' I giggled and blushed. ''I'm sorry.'' I said as I kissed his cheek.

He threw me a look of pure love. His eyes showed a hint of suprise. At the back of my head I thought to myself,'What's he up too?'. He took my hand and then he got down on one knee. What is he doing? I heard people gasp and talking but I didn't pay any attention. Danny pulled something from his pocket and then slipped it on my finger. I gasped. The hand he wasn't holding flew to mouth. It was the most beautiful ring I had ever seen in my life. I stared into Danny's eyes,he stared back. ''I love you with all my heart. You are my everything. You're the only one I can see my self with. Without you,I don't know what I'd do. I haven't known you long,but Rach I'm in love with you. You mean the world to me. I'll never hurt you. I promise I'll always be there for you. And I'll always stay true to your heart. I love you. Rachel Matthews,will you marry me?''

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