Chapter 9

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Chapter 9:

Rachel's Pov [↓ .↓ .↓]

Mom and I stood by the door,saying goodbye to everyone as they left. Katie Lou threw her arms around me,''Oh,Rach! I'm gonna miss you. You have to come and see me before the wedding,so we can have a girls night out!'' I nodded my head,''I will. I promise.'' Melinda hugged me as she was about to walk out. And then she whispered in my ear,''Be careful,kid. By the way,I left something for you under your bed. Do not,and I repeat,do not show your mother nor tell her I gave it to you.'' I have no idea what she was talking about but said okay. I over heard Grandpa and Mom talking,''Kate,are you sure your gonna be fine here? Why don't you all come and stay the weekend with us down at the farm?'' Mom threw a glance at me. As much as I loved going to my grandparents' farm,I didn't wanna leave Danny's side. I think Mom understood,''It's alright,Dad. We'll be just fine. I'll be sure to take you up on that offer though,'' Grandpa hugged us both and left. ''I have missed you,Cinderelli. Don't let it be another 2 years before I see you again.'' Grandma crooned. I laughed and hugged her,''I won't. Besides,now you have you come to MY wedding.'' She laughed too and hugged my mother and went out to meet Grandpa. Erika gave me a quick hug,''Be careful Rach. And I'm really sorry about what I did at the wedding.'' She whispered in my ear. ''It's cool.'' I said.

After everyone left,I found Danny sitting on the recliner. He looked like he was in deep thought. I crawled onto his lap and this kissed his lips. He pulled me into his arms and I felt so warm. I turned my head and caught mom watching us intently. ''What?'' I asked her. She smiled and waved me off. ''Okay,can Danny stay with me tonight? It'll make me feel better about this whole. . .sitiuation.'' Mom thought about it for a minute,''Okay,but remember night time is for sleeping.'' I should tell her the same thing. I turned my attention back to Danny,who had a worried look on his face. I touched his cheek,''What's wrong?'' Danny stared back into my eyes,''What are we gonna do?'' I knew what he meant. I sighed,''I don't know. All I know is,I love you. And only you. I don't wanna lose you.'' Danny leaned in and kissed me,the kiss deepened. This kiss wasn't hot and heavy,it was long and sweet and full of pure love. ''You're not gonna lose me. I'm not going anywhere.'' He said. My heart was hurting just thinking about not being with him.


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