Chapter 15

Later That Niqht

Danny was out on the balcony all alone. We've barley spoken today. I walked out to the balcaony and stood next to him. He didn't look at me. I sighed. ''What's wrong,Danny?'' I asked him. He just shook his head and didn't say anything. A silent tear fell down my face,and I gave up. I walked back into my room and laid down in bed. Today was. . .just too much too handle.Maybe too much for the both of us. I heard footsteps and my heart sank. I sat up alert. It was just Danny. He froze. ''Oh,I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you.'' He said looking down at the floor. I shook my head,''It's okay.'' I laid back down. I felt the bed sank in at the end of the bed where he sat. I waited for him to say something. Anything. But there was only silence. And it cut me to the core. I gave up once again. I laid on my side and cried silently. Maybe he just doens't want to be with me anymore. Maybe I just have too much drama for him to handle. I sat up once more again,tears streaming down my face,glistening in the moonlight. Danny turned around and looked at me,tears were in his eyes too. I found my voice,''Danny. I understand if you don't think things are gonna work out between us. It's okay. Just tell me if you changed your mind and we can call the wedding off.'' Just saying the words cut my heart. Danny stared back at me and his face was emotionless. I looked away. I couldn't take it. My love for him is what kept me alive today. I laid back down,tears staining my pillow.

I felt those strong,familiar arms go around me. And it killed me thinking I'd never feel them around me like this again. ''I said I'd never hurt you. I said I'd never leave you. And I'm not. Not ever. Just thinking about not being with you hurts me. Rachel,I love you. And I wanna spend the rest of my life with you.'' Danny whispered into my ear softly. I turned around and looked at him. A tears slipped down his face and tried to look away from me but grabbed his face with both hands. ''Why are you so afaid of letting me see you cry?'' I asked him. Danny struggle but finally got out of my grip and buried his face in the pillow. I smiled,realizing what he was doing. ''You're so stubborn.'' I whispered as I rubbed his bare,muscualr,tan back. He mumbled something,''Thud up.'' I laughed and massaged his shoulders. I heard him moan in pleasure. He turned his head and finally looked at me. His eyes were red but he was through crying. I smiled at him and grabbed me and threw me on my back. I shrieked and he shifted him self on top of me. Danny leaned in and kissed me. I put my hands on his neck,letting them explore his body. Moving from his neck,to his broad shoulder,and then down his chest,to his abes. I moaned as I felt him kiss my neck. I felt his hands sliding from my leg and up between my theighs. I moaned louder with pleasure. My breathing was coming out in little pants. As much as I wanted to make him mine tonight,I was exhausted. I felt his hand slip into my cotton shorts. ''Danny. . .'' I said breathlessly. ''Hmm?'' He asked annoyed,not letting his lips leave my skin. ''Not tonight.I'm tired.'' I said. He sighed and removed his hand. I laughed at the disappointed look on his face. ''My leg still isn't in perfect condition. The doctor said I'm suppose to relax and rest.'' Danny sighed again,''I'll help you relax.'' He said with a devilish look. ''Uh huh,you can give me a back rub.'' I said. Danny rolled his eyes,''Fine.'' I sat up,my back facing him and pulled off my shirt,I wasn't wearing a bra. I crawled back under the covers as the cold air hit my skin. I felt Danny's large,rough hands on my bare back. It felt so good,I moaned. I heard him chuckle under his breath. I felt his lips touch my shoulder. And on the back of my neck. I chuckled,''What happend to my back rub?'' Danny just said,''Mhmm.'' As if that was counted as answer. I laid on my side and pushed him off of me. He pushed me back gently,so that I was laying on my back. Danny's lips immediatly found mine. He knew he was getting his way tonight.


Danny's Pov

I bent my head and took her breast in my mouth,and was rewarded with a sound of pleasure that escaped from her beautiful,lush lips. I pulled off her cotton shorts and panties. Rachel's hands found my jeans. She unbuttoned them,and slowly slid down the zipper teasing me. A low moan came from the back of my throat. I stepped out off my jeans and started to take charge,but Rach sat up. She grabbed the base of my shaft and I felt her mouth take in the tip. I groaned with pleasure,''Oh.'' was all I could say. Rachel's never done this with me before. At that moment,I couldn't think I could only feel. And I felt Rachel's mouth around me tight,and her hand moving in a hypnotizing rhythm. I shudderd with pure ectasy. I was so hard. I felt her tire and I gently laid her back down on her back. God,I was so in love with this girl. I moved down her luxiourous body,and edged myself between her legs. I spreaded her legs and I knew she was wet. I slipped one finger into her and found her leaking. It gave me a dominate feeling. I slid my finger inside her tight hole and Rachel let out a moan of pain. The good kinda pain. I slid another finger inside of her and moved them inside and out.I watched as Rachel's beautiful fingers gripped the sheet as she cried,''Oh god! Danny!'' I loved the way she said my name. I brought one finger to my mouth,and licked it clean. And Rachel,suprising me again for tonight grabbed my other finger and sucked on it. ''Oh god.'' I whisperd. We moaned together. I kissed her and tasted her liquid on her tongue. We let each other go for a moment to breath but Rachel quickly grabbed my neck,her hands trailing up to my hair and tangling them there. She kissed me deeply,like this was our last kiss ever. I thrusted myself into her,slow at first,but quickly finding my rhythm. Rachel screamed out my name. Her legs wrapped around my waist,tightly. We held on to one another,I moaned as I pressed deeper into her. She let out a cry. Rachel's head was titled back,her eyes closed. She looked so beautiful. Especially in the moonlight. It was hard to believe she was mine. And soon she would be my wife. I pulled myself out of her and flipped her on her stomach. We both wanted the same thing. I knew this was her favorite part. I gripped her hips and entered her fast and hard. Just the way she liked it. Rachel screamed out my name again. I pounded into her. We groaned together. ''Rachel. .'' I slurred as I rode her roughly. Minutes later,she fell to the bed. I layed her back on her back,going for the finish. I entered Rachel again. But this time slowly. And then faster. She moaned out my name more times. I felt her leaking over me. My arms gave out and I fell gently on top of her. My head on her breasts. Rachel pushed back my bangs from my sweaty forehead. Both our bodies were burning and sweaty. I've been with alot of girls but Rachel's the best. There's no one who comes close. She stroke my jaw with her finger tip. I shuddered under her touch. I looked into her eyes. She was tired. She was tired before but I guess I made even more exhausted.

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