Protecting At It's Finest || 2 by Lou_louxoxo
Protecting At It's Finest || 2by Lady Red
Eleanor Mae Swan finds it safe to say she's a survivor. She's been through a lot, especially in the short life she's lived, and now she patiently awaits her sisters awa...
  • bellaswan
  • fanfiction
  • eleanor
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Adopted by Corbina by music_lover5577
Adopted by Corbinaby Never known me
You are a 13 year old girl who have deforce parents after you mom get pregnant with your step dad child your dad got jealous and killed your mom and your step dad.
  • zach
  • whydontwe
  • christinamarie
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Anti-Academy by Bookworm7216
Anti-Academyby Bookworm7216
What if Sang has two siblings instead of one? A set of twins a brother and a sister. What if they're a part of the Academy? What happens when tragedy strikes their smal...
  • marie
  • academy
  • victor
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Preserved by Lexi17608
Preservedby Lexi✨
Amber spent her whole life running, and she just so happens to have run into a stranger car. Thats when it all begins, the man without a name, forcing her to become his...
  • love
  • doll
  • murder
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KING(~STEPHEN•JAMES~) by MyNamesBlurry_face
KING(~STEPHEN•JAMES~)by Skyla La'shea
BOOK STARTS OFF BAD THE FIRST 4 CHAPTERS BUT AFTER THAT EVERYTHING IS GOOD* The story of a evil gang leader who takes a very long time to change his ways so he can save...
  • criminal
  • interracial
  • mature
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Splatoon Lemons by NerfTheAerosprays
Splatoon Lemonsby T-Pose McGooTuber
Mostly lemons but there will be continuous stories with plot. All written by me
  • marina
  • pearl
  • callie
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Our long distance story - Alycia/You by bravesalycia
Our long distance story - Alycia/ c,,
Social media started it all and it will keep like this. How long can it lasts? Different social medias: Instagram Twitter imessages enjoy..;)
  • ftwd
  • lindsey
  • alyciadebnamcarey
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The Infected by MAshley622
The Infectedby MAshley622
When you hear the word "zombie," what do you picture? A decomposing human with flesh hanging off its face, missing an arm, limping slowly toward you? And when...
  • infected
  • zombies
  • marie
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EUPHORIA ( COLE SPROUSE ) ✔️ by -kenetijames
" a sense of happiness. " In which she is in love with her best friend and has to deal with him not loving her the way she loves him. COMPLETED riverdale. soc...
  • archieandrews
  • marie
  • kjapa
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The Legacy Of Humanity - A Splatoon Fanfiction by ChiggerDrew
The Legacy Of Humanity - A ChiggerDrew
A splatoon story featuring the fall of humanity and the origins of Judd, to the battle of Octovalley and beyond. Contains multiple perspectives which include one of the...
  • callie
  • nintendo
  • romance
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Truth or Dare •  Why Don't We by wdwluvz
Truth or Dare • Why Don't Weby luvz ?
**PRIVATE STORY*MUST FOLLOW TO READ** Two groups of kids from the same school end up getting stuck in a group text. What could go wrong when someone suggests truth or d...
  • daniel
  • christinamarie
  • besson
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wrong ♔ wdw bxb au  by ShippingSeavey
wrong ♔ wdw bxb au by ♔
it seemed right, but it wasn't - - this is rlly weird in the beginning - this is rlly grim in the middle - this is rlly confusing in the end
  • marie
  • avery
  • jack
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Splatoon Harem by ZyonJett
Splatoon Haremby ZyonJett
This is a story or harem with one male inkling as he's picked for being agent 4 Him and the old agent 3 are forced to go up against the octerian army. But it just so hap...
  • inklings
  • offthehook
  • oppai
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Fate/Grand Order: Masters (Fate/Grand Order x Reader) by rg808guy
Fate/Grand Order: Masters (Fate/ Clayton Kuhlmann
Note: This is a Fate/Grand Order x Male Reader Description/Summery: (Y/n) was a ordinary Citizen who was chosen to become a magus of Chaldea, a organization whose goal i...
  • animusphere
  • grandorder
  • mash
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I am Naví by klasvaakie
I am Navíby Danielle
Tsu'tey love story. Nimah Quinn is chosen to partake in the Avatar program on the planet Pandora. Once there she hopes to fins some reason for her life, and maybe some l...
  • ikran
  • tsutey
  • tsaheylu
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Splatoon 2 Oneshots by ObscureMouse
Splatoon 2 Oneshotsby ObscureMouse
I ship some splatoon 2 characters in short stories. Will update weekly hopefully.
  • callie
  • offthehook
  • pearl
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A Girl In The Band  by HerronsHeaven
A Girl In The Band by HerronsHeaven
Christina Marie's little sister at 15 gets invited by Corbyn to join Why Don't We. Emily feels as if she can't escape drama. None of the boys, except Corbyn, are into th...
  • marais
  • daniel
  • jack
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Stockholm | ON HOLD by barbiedriver
Stockholm | ON HOLDby ariana :)
Ella Garner has known from a very young age that she was constantly being watched. But what she didn't know, was why, or who. Was it her guardian angel? A person sent to...
  • barbiedriver
  • romance
  • couple
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Hailey orona /Instagram  by followmarie
Hailey orona /Instagram by followmarie
What happens???
  • marie
  • instagram
  • interesting
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True Colors (Splatoon Story) by The_Creator_777
True Colors (Splatoon Story)by Artomix Creator
Inkopolis has all kind of people in it. From stars, to elite shooters and all in between. But not everyone is normal there. There a couple of Octolings here and there in...
  • mystery
  • callie
  • marie
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