Splatoon x Male Reader by DForrester
Splatoon x Male Readerby DForrester
You are just an average inkling in Inkopolis Square, when you notice a strange person who changes your life. All rights for the characters and bits of story go to Ninten...
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Over and over (Splatoon x reader) Oneshots by MC_Princess
Over and over (Splatoon x reader) Pearlie Ya Girlie
Hello, Inklings and Octolings! It is me, the fabulous Pearl! The best rapper by far from Off the Hook! Of to write the best one-shots I can, so enjoy!
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Adopted by Corbina by music_lover5577
Adopted by Corbinaby Little girl
You are a 13 year old girl who have deforce parents after you mom get pregnant with your step dad child your dad got jealous and killed your mom and your step dad.
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Impossible by PopTarts17
Impossibleby PopTarts17
It's 1940, and the Nazis have thickened the laws against the Jews. However, this Jew is different. Her name is Marie and the most unlikely thing happened, she fell in lo...
  • two
  • torture
  • love
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Wrong Number   by alexmarie__
Wrong Number by Alex
Ann Marie gets a call from the wrong number will it lead to something or?
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Bobble x Male Reader (Splatoon) by DForrester
Bobble x Male Reader (Splatoon)by DForrester
So, I'm writing this because of a couple reasons. 1. I'm waiting to release the next part of my main book (Splatoon x Male Reader). 2. I couldn't find another story like...
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ADOPTED BY WHY DON'T WE 2 by _namjinxyoonmin_
ADOPTED BY WHY DON'T WE 2by Gotbangtan
6 years ago, Daniel adopted a girl named Elli who changed his life forever. Adopting her was the best thing that ever happened to everyone. And now, Elli is in her teena...
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Nobody  by alexmarie__
Nobody by Alex
  • singer
  • heartbreak
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Handle it  by alexmarie__
Handle it by Alex
Nique's boyfriend is playing her will she pull a him on him or will she stay with him and just take it
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Fate/Grand Order: Masters (Fate/Grand Order x Reader) by rg808guy
Fate/Grand Order: Masters (Fate/ Clayton Kuhlmann
Note: This is a Fate/Grand Order x Male Reader Description/Summery: (Y/n) was a ordinary Citizen who was chosen to become a magus of Chaldea, a organization whose goal i...
  • olga
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Secrets by alexmarie__
Secretsby Alex
Kanaya finds out that her life is a lie and full of secrets. She finds out that her dad isn't really her dad and her best friend is actually her sister
  • ann
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  • unloveyou
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I know your type  by alexmarie__
I know your type by Alex
Avery's only been in one relationship and she promised herself that she wouldn't get in another one until she meets Jackson,will she give him a chance or will they just...
  • tripolar
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  • heartbreak
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Damaged (Male reader x Splatoon 2) by MrSparkReads
Damaged (Male reader x Splatoon 2)by Spark
Your childhood was a rough one, considering the fact that you were an Inkling, you never had a true friend, other than your sister, she saw you as more of a father figur...
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The Infected by MAshley622
The Infectedby MAshley622
When you hear the word "zombie," what do you picture? A decomposing human with flesh hanging off its face, missing an arm, limping slowly toward you? And when...
  • love
  • zombies
  • horror
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Callie and Marie x Male!Reader  by connoryourefkindisgu
Callie and Marie x Male!Reader by yall
You are (Y/N) (L/N). you are an inkling from inkpolis plaza. you were the only kid who didn't know about the squid sisters until Vidalia (my OC) has tickets for one of t...
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Splatoon: The Colors Of Life by JustABlueInkling
Splatoon: The Colors Of Lifeby Blue
Dear readers,this is my first time writing my own Splatoon Story and this story takes place in the Origin of the Splatoon game. After finishing the Story mode, there's m...
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  • friendship
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Becoming Someone by EvilButterflies
Becoming Someoneby Bailey
Jessamy, preferring Jesse, is the daughter of Marie Sorenson, a bitter, resentful woman. Jesse doesn't understand why she's like that, just that her aunt, Sang, is part...
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Recover - Sequel to Heir. by bryhai
Recover - Sequel to Bry
You don't recover from traumatic events in the blink of an eye. And you certainly don't recover from a deep hypnosis quick. After Callie collapses, the two cousins most...
  • splatoon2
  • splatoon
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Unlove You  by alexmarie__
Unlove You by Alex
Leah's in a complicated relationship and she wishes she never met Mason
  • celebrity
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  • lovestory
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The Legacy Of Humanity - A Splatoon Fanfiction by ChiggerDrew
The Legacy Of Humanity - A ChiggerDrew
A splatoon story featuring the fall of humanity and the origins of Judd, to the battle of Octovalley and beyond. Contains multiple perspectives which include one of the...
  • callie
  • inkling
  • octoling
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