Chapter 8:

and presenting. . .

;*.:Rachel's Pov:.*;

''Rachel Matthews,will you marry me?'' A tear slid down my face as Danny spoke those word. I reached out and touch his face with my hand. ''Yes.'' I whispered. My family cheered and a huge smile was plastered on Danny's face. He jumped off the ground and swept me off the ground into a hug. I threw my arms around him. I heard people crying and laughing and pictures were flashing. A feeling of love and happiness fell over me as my soon-to-be husband kissed my lips.

---A little while later---

All the older people,[hehe],were still standing around and having a good time outside. The rest of us came in the house and lounged around. Danny and I sat on the loveseat. I layed my head on his shoulder and kissed my forehead. A electric feeling ran through me,like it always did everytime he touched me. Amy sat on the recliner and Katie Lou and Erika were having a slap fight on the other couch. We all laughed as Katie slapped Erika as hard she could,making Erik's head turn. Can't say she didn't deserve it. ''Let's play would you rather!'', Amy said. We all agreed,''Okay Amy,would you rather. . .date the world's uglist guy or your hot cousin?'' Amy immediatly said,''Cousin,as long as he's hot!'' Didn't I tell you she was boy crazy?''Erika,would you rather be trapped in a elevator with wet dogs humping your leg ot with a fat man with bad breath flirting with you?'' Erika made a digusted face,''I'm gonna go with the dogs!'' We all laughed,''Katie Lou,would you rather. . .chew a piece of toenail off a dirty man's foot,or throughly lick his unshowered armpit?'' She shrieked in disgust,''Rachel you gave me the grossest one! Toenail!'' We all laughed at her. Either way it was. .blah! ''Danny,would you rather live in a world where no one cleans up after their dog craps,or everybody including you,has to pick it up bare-handed?'' Danny thought about it for a second,''Bare-handed!'' We all ewwed. ''Rachel,would you rather lick up someone else's vomit,or let someone pee in your mouth and swallow it?'' Katie was getting me back. ''Gross! Vomit!'' Nobody's peeing in my mouth. ''Erika,would you rather french kiss a dog or have a baby spit up drool into your open mouth?'' Hehe. ''Dog.'' We laughed and I said,''Lord knows she done it before!'' We all laughed and Erika's eyes narrowed,''Yeah with the dog sitting next to you.'' No she just didn't. ''At least we didn't lose our virginity to a dog like you did in the 10th grade!'' Katie said before I could respond. We laughed and Erika rolled her eyes and shut up knowing I was about to kill her.

We heard the doorbell ring,I got up to answer it. But when I opened the door nobody was there. I rolled my eyes thinking it some little kids down the street playing ding dong ditch. But then something caught my eye. There was a white envelope on the steps.I picked it and took it in the house. There was stamp or anything else. But the front read,''Danny''. I stood there for a minute in confusion. Danny saw me,''What's wrong,babe?'' Should I giv e it to him? ''Hey who was at the door?'' Amy asked me. ''What's that?'' Katie asked me. I took my seat next to Danny and handed him the envelope. I turned toward Amy,''Nobody. Nobody was there. They just left a envalope that say Danny on it.'' They all rushed over to the love seat me and Danny were sitting on. ''Open it!'' Katie told him. He tored it open and there was my picture. Back when I was about 14. I gasped. Danny pushed his eyes brows together in confusion. He turned to the back. It said,''She's mine. Forever. Stay away from her. Or pay the consequences.'' Katie gasped and covered her mouth,''OhMyGod,who would do something like this?'' Amy stepped away like she was scared,''This so freakin' creepy.'' Even Erika seemed to care,''Rach,you should show you mom.'' And in walked mother. ''Show your mom what?'' I looked at Danny but he just looked at me like he didn't know what to do. Mom walked over to us and saw the picture in Danny's hand. ''What's that?'' She asked. Danny handed her the picture,''Oh I remember this picture,Rach. You looked so beautiful. But where'd you get it? We lost all our photo albums in the move.'' She had a smile on her face,but it quickly fell from her face as did the picture fall from her hand. Her eyes widened in shock and her hand flew to her mouth.

Then everyone,including Marie came into the room asking my mother what's wrong. Melinda saw the photo on the ground,''Oh Rach,you look so precious.'' And then she saw the back,''Oh my god. Who sent this?'' I just shook my head. The photo was sent around the room,everyone gasping and omging. Danny had his head in his hands. I rubbed his back. ''This is all your fault.'' Marie spat at him. I dropped my mouth,how can she be so cold. I expected Danny to yell and get mad,but he just looked at her with this wearing look in his eye. ''I know.'' He whispered. Grandma Elli stepped in,''Now,now this is no time to be pointing fingers. This is no one's fault.'' Grandma Elli glared at Marie and Marie hung her head. ''Well,Rachel do you have any idea who it might be?'' Janet asked me. I shook my head,''No.'' Mom came and sat by me and wrapped her arms around me tight like she never wanted to let me go.Like She just wanted to protect me. ''Remember that truck that was following us a couple of weeks ago?'' Mom asked my in shock. I nodded. ''What if it's him?'' Why is this happening to me? Grandpa looked at mom,''What kinda truck,Kate?'' Mom tried to remember,''An old beat up red Chevy.'' Grandpa's eyes got big,''I noticed that truck parked across the street all day. I couldn't tell if anyone was inside or not.''

''Call the police.'' Melinda instructed someone too. ''What are we gonna do?'' Mom asked herself quietly. ''The only thing that scares me is. . .who ever this is. . .they know where I live.'' Mom's eyes got big. She wanted to protect me. But I wanted to protect her. Camron wrapped his arms around her. My family has just expanded. Camron looked at me and I could tell he cared about me. Not like he did for my mom,but like he would for Amy. There was nothing I would not do to protect them. I looked at Danny. If anything happend to him,I lose my mind. I can't live without him. Danny looked so sad,I just wanted to comfort him. I scooted myself closer to him and he laid his head on my shoulder and wrapped his arms around me. Grandpa looked outside the window and gasped,''The bastard's still here.'' Everyone started talking at once. Danny jumped off the couch and the door hit the wall with a loud bang. Worry shot through me. ''Danny no!'' He started walking quickly to the truck with all the guys behind him. The look on his face,pure anger. I tried to run after him but mom caught me,''No Rachel!'' I knew she just didn't want me to get hurt but I wasn't going to let Danny get hurt. I tried to get her off of me but she wouldn't budge. We both fell to the floor and she had me pinned. They weren't lying when they said there is nothing stronger than a mothers love. ''Get off of me,Mom!'' I screamed.

I could still see them,as they got a foot away from the truck it sped off. I heard Danny cuss and then I saw them run after the truck. But it was no use. The guys came back in the house and Mom rolled off me. I threw my arms around Danny. He held me there and tears swept off my face onto his shirt. You might think I'm being a drama queen like Amy say I am,but I was already scared but the envelope and then I was just so scared something would happend to the boy I love. What if the stalker had shot him or something? Just thinking about something causing Danny pain,put my stomach in a knot. Minutes later two police officers arrived. Mom showed them the envelope and picture. They took it as evidence. Then she told him about the chevy following us weeks ago and that it was parked across the street and then left. ''So it just drove off?'' Officer Dude#1 asked. ''The guys went to go check it out and he just drove off.'' Officer Dude#2 sighed,''You really should have waited for us.'' Danny's eyes narrowed,but before he could explain. ''You lawman,should have been here faster.'' Grandpa said annoyed. Officer Dude#2 looked down at the ground,''I apologize for the delay. We couldn't find the car keys and,-'' Melinda snorted,''Excuses,excuses.'' Grandpa barker,''Excuses could have cost someone their life today.'' Officer Dude#2 said nothing.

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