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Mari's pov

As hard as I tried, a tear still slipped out of my eye and down my cheek.

I knew I would have had to tell him eventually, I just didn't want anytime soon.

Unfortunately, that wasn't the case.

He rubbed away my tears and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

I knew he wouldn't judge me for what I did. Especially since he was friends with a mafia boss, but that didn't calm me down.

I cleared my throat and wiped away my tears.

"My dad he was... Uh.... He was quite a person. He worked as a police officer in Orlando Florida and he was very well known around that area. He was good to my mother even when she got sick." I sniffles and laid on his chest while he comforted me, stroking my hair and giving me a kiss every now and again.

"I forgot what she was sick with but there was only experimental treatment for it that we couldn't afford. For two months my older brother took care of me while my mom died slowly and my dad cared for her. She died and we had a funeral and my father started to grief. But it wasn't normal, he never seemed to get over it. He would sit on the couch crying with only a bottle of whiskey that could cheer him up for a bit. He quit his job and became an alcoholic. 4 years later I came home from school and found my brothers room empty and blood all over the floor."

A sob escaped me as I recalled the memories.

"U-um... My dad had stabbed my brother, told him to grab his things and leave. My brother did it and he died. Of course I never got to give him a funeral or see him one last time because of what I did when I found out. My dad was the one that told me what he had done, twirling the knife in his hand and telling me that if I disobeyed him, the same would happen to me. He said ' now come here'. I had a plan and I wasn't backing out of it so I walked up to him and he handed me the knife he wanted me to clean off the blood but I didn't. Instead I stabbed him in the throat and ran away."


Okie dokie, so I got another chapter up and I wanted you guys to know that Mari's story isn't over. And I know that Justin hadn't said anything but I just wanted him to listen and not say that ' you don't have to tell me' crap. He wanted to know and that is that.

Might update again today but no promises.

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