T W E N T Y - S I X

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Mari's pov

I sit still and quiet, listening to Williams gentle humming as he braided my hair.

Though this may seem like a sweet moment to anyone the passes by, it they look closely enough, they'd see the pain in my eyes. They would see the red hand print on my cheek from getting slapped out of little space (literally).  They would see my shaking hands that were the cause of my anxiety and fear. They would see how loose my dress is because I haven't been eating. They would see how depressed and miserable I am here.

"I apologize for hitting you, my precious princess, it's just I need a submissive today, not a whiny brat. You understand don't you? You forgive me right?"

I stayed silent, until I feel my hair being pulled harshly,"yes Daddy, I forgive you and I understand."

He let's go of my hair and coo's.

"What a precious little thing you are."

He is a fucking pyschopath. How didn't I notice before.

I'm yanked off my knees when William pulls me up by my now braided hair.

"You are going to be the most obedient little doll in public, right baby?"

Tears stung my eyes as I whimpered and nodded,  "of course daddy. May I ask where we are going?"

He looked at me with an angry expression but nodded and answred,"My doll, you aren't truly mine...yet. For now you belong to Jacob. He is the master of all the little whores here. He basically requested your company at his work and since I'm your trainer, I must escorts you."

I frown. Not only do i now belong to one psychopath, i belong to two.

As we make our way to jacobs place of work, i think about Justin and how much i miss him. I miss his smile, his playfulness, his protectivness. Everything.

"Dolly, get out we are here."

My face is blank as i make my way out of the car and to the building with William.

I hate him. I hate them.

I walk beside William with his hand gripping mine tightly, making me walk faster.

I hate him. I hate them.

Unfortunetly we are at his  office faster than i would have preferred, then again , i would prefer not being here instead.

Jacob looks up from his work and grins as we walk in,"aww, look at my favorite little slut."

I dont move or say anything, just staring blankly at his ugly f*cking face.

"William, leave."

I look over at Will and see him clench his fist and jaw, before he obediently walks out like the little dog he really is.

Trigger Warning: Rape 
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"Come here slut," he commands when Will is gone. I dont move though, i refuse to respond to him, especially when he calling me that. Slut.

His anger is quickly shown when he stomps over and grabs me by my hair, and despite me not wanting to, i whimper in pain which makes him grin like cheshire cat.

I might never look at Alice in Wonderland the same.

"You need to be obedient you f*ck whore! Now you get a punishment and if things turn out the way i want it, you'll never be able to forget the lesson im about to teach you."

I snap," f*ck off you fugly pervert! Let me go! Let me go! Helppp!"

My dress is pushed up and my panties are pulled down and i freeze, all my movements coming to a hault as i come to a relization that i pray is wrong.

I hear his belt unbuckle and i try once more to get only to ne yanked back by my hair and slammed onto the desk with my ass up.

"No, no, please n-"

His nasty dick is pushed inside me and all hope drains from my body.

He isn't wearing a condom.

"Maybe this will teach you to be obedient," he whispers in my ear.

(End of triggering topic:  he punished her by not wearing a condom )
If Justin ever finds me he isn't gonna want me, because i might be pregnant with a rape baby.

No one will save me.


Hey guys, long time no see.

This chapter was really hard for me to write and im actually sobbing rn. Im sorry, but this was a neccassary part of the plot, but of course that doesnt make writing it or reading it easier.

I just want to remind all you beautiful people that you matter and you are loved no matter  what. If your someone thaf has been  through something like this you matter and you are loved. Im here if you want to talk, about anything.

The end of this story is nearing btw and it might be rushed  since ive been writing it for 3 years and i want to move on with it.

The end of this story is nearing btw and it might be rushed  since ive been writing it for 3 years and i want to move on with it

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