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I love you guys!  The people that commented sorry, I want to thank because it means the world to me. And just for you guys I'll write some MATURE CONTENT  (smut😇). They gonna get freaky in the hospital. And plz read note after  the chapter.

Btw it's gonna be wierd because she's in the cast soo....


Justin's pov

I sighed as I sat in the waiting room, rubbing my eye a little.

I had sent Jason to my house a couple hours ago because he kept bitching about his helicopter gas and achy balls, and even thought Mariana was already out off surgery and stuff I had to wait for her to wake up with a clear head and not be really affected by the medicine they had given her for pain.

I took out my phone and started to look through emails when a nurse came up to me and said that my baby girl was awake.

I wasted no time after she told me room and rushed down the hall with badge colored walls to room 316.

Bursting through the door I enveloped my little in a hug, kissing her all over her face.

"Are you okay? Does it hurt? There are no other wounds , right? I swear-" I was cut when she pushed a hard kiss on my lips, and giggled at my expression.

Just the sight of her smile gave me an erection, but mixed with the sensation of her harsh kiss, I'm pretty sure that everyone could practically  feel my arousal.

I was quick to lean over and kiss her roughly and run my calloused hands down her shoulders, till I lift her good knee up and slid a finger up her inner thigh.

I take a moment to memorize the everything. Her fast breathing,  hooded and glazed eyes, and trembling legs.

"Beg for me...." I whisper in her ear as I massage her inner thigh, causing her give a slight groan at my command.

"Please daddy..." She pants, giving me her famous  doe eyes.

I carefully but quickly climbed onto the hospital bed and kissed her, letting my hand slide under the gown, where I found nothing but skin.

Mari shivered as my slightly cold hands slid over her hips, up her stomach the back down , just above her princess parts.

My baby's  breathing was fast with anticipation and pleasure as my thumb swiped her clit and began to move in circles.

Her eyes fluttered close as she swallowed her moans that I so desperately wanted to hear.

"Moan for me." I whispered.

She shook her head but there was a quiet moan that came from her that made me smirk.

I rubbed her clit harder before pushing a digit inside of her, causing her to gasp and arch her back in pleasure. Then I added two more.

Her moans were music to my ears as I continued to pleasure her like no other man could. Or would.

I kissed up her neck to her chin, then finally reach her lips, just as she had reached her  climax.

I gave her one more harsh kiss, before removing my fingers from her and climbing off of her and to her bedside as she panted.

My beautiful Mari.


Don't kill me I'm sorry!!!!!

I know it has been a while but my life has been real busy lately and to make it up to you all I would like to announce the release of a new ddlg book, it's gonna be a Harry Styles fanfic.

I'm gonna publish it soon I hope and I might do another quick update for you all.

If there are any spelling errors, I didn't edit.

Love you ❤️❤️

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