T W E N T Y - S E V E N

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Justins pov

The glass shatter against the wall before the room goes back to a deafening silence.

5 months.......5... months without my precious angel.

When I find the mother f*cker that took her, he's dead.

Well the one that took her is already dead, meaning I still have to find the son of a b*tch that has  her.

Jacob Trennor.


Mari's pov

I stare blankly at the white ceiling, trying with everything in my body to ignore my surroundings.

Instead of staying at Williams apartment, like I originally thought,  I was moved to Jacobs bland and quiet home.  He was rarely there during the day for which I was grateful but he was there every evening expecting dinner to be on the table.

Every night he uses me like some f*ck doll and at this point, I can't say that's not what I am. I have nothing. He took everything. My virginity. My dignity.  My hope.  My happiness. He even took the last thing I could ever give to Justin, a child. 

I was nothing at this point he broke me to the point of no return.

The sadness I feel slowly turns to hatred which turns to rage.

I'm going to get revenge even if it's the last thing I do.


I'm snapped out of my thoughts by the women standing beside the bed I lay in.

"would you like to know the babys gender?"

I look at the monitor before moving my gaze to my swollen stomach.


I'll do anything to get my revenge, even if it means sacrificing my life.

Even if it means this baby never can see the light of day.

But maybe that's a good thing, because at this point I don't thinks there is much light left.


As I prepare the devils dinner it takes everything in me not to just poison his food and watch as he chokes.  As horrible as that may sound, what I have planned is worse.

I may not be able to take the things he took from me, or break him like he broke me, but he will feel a little of what I've been feeling these past months.

He will feel the denial, the weakness, and the hopelessness I've felt for what seems like years but has only been a couple months.

As it nears closer to the time he usually, I make my way to the front door and get to my knees. 

He tried to get me to do this for many months but has given up and just makes me do other horrible things during the evenings. Due to that,  his shocked expression he had wasn't unexpected and neither was the smirk that slowly made its way to his face.

"Well,  hello my little slut."

I clench then unclench my jaw at the name.

"Hello, Master."

The shocked look returns.  I've only ever settled on calling him sir to avoid the beatings.

He smirks again before grabbing my hair and yanking me to my feet, "it seems that someone has finally come to their senses,  hmm slut?"

"Yes, Master. "

(a/n: I'm disgusted with myself for just writing this. Also,  does anyone know any good ddlg or poly (or both) books that aren't a fanfic? If so, comment. )

He drags me being him as he makes his way to dining table where I have to kneel on the ground beside him like some dog waiting for scraps.

As he eats I go over the plan over and over again in my mind,  perfecting every error that was missed when I was still putting the pieces together.

He wouldn't see it coming.


3rd person pov

Jacob dries his hair as he makes hi sway out of his bathroom naked,  there was no point putting on clothes if he was just gonna take them of to f*ck the slut waiting on his bed.

He pulls off the towel that hung under his fat stomach before finally opening the door and going to his bed where a naked Mariana faced away from him.


She turns around with a blank stare and watches as he lays on his back in the middle of the bed.  Like he always does.

He then makes her give him a handjob and cums after just 7 or so strokes. Like he always does.

The he demands he ride her. Like he always does.

But this time, when the young women straddles his oversized stomach she quickly reaches up and his hands are cuffed to the metal head bored.

The perverted mans eyes widen as his eyes make their way past her baby bump and up to her eyes.

Mari smirks and gets off the ugly pervert before getting dressed and going over to his drawer of toys and grabbing the biggest dildo she could find.

"You better remove these cuffs slut or you're in big trouble."

"shut up. "

He ignores the girl and continues threatening her,  which he soon regrets when the dildo gets shoved into his mouth.

"Next time Mistress says something, do it like the good little dolly you are. M'kay girly?" she mocks the rapist before turning around and leaving the room with the fake cock still in his mouth and his hands unable to remove it.


Well that just happened.

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