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Justin's POV

As i put the finishing touches on the soup, I started to plan ways to get her better.

I don't wanna give her medicine in case one of them trigger her allergies, so I consider searching home remedys.

Grabbing the cup of basil and ginger tea that should help with her fever, I made my way up the stairs and down the hall to get to my room.

My heart broke to hear my baby girl cry and hiccuping.

I placed the the food to the side of the bed and crawled in next to her for comfort.

"Its gonna be okay baby, you're all right. Just a little sick, but daddy knows how to make it better."

I get up and adjust her so she is sitting up , then wipe off her tears.

As I feed her she sniffles and whines once and a while.

When the soup is done she looks over at the tea and gives it an odd look.

"What's the matter doll?"

"C-can I get it in a sippy cup or a bottle please daddy?" She asks while looking down at her lap.

"Of course little girl."

I went back downstairs, grabbing a Disney princess sippy cup and a damp cloth to put on her head.

Soon enough she was drinking the tea and we were cuddling on my bed with Beauty and the Beast playing on the TV.

I felt a pair of eyes on me and looked down at her.


"Yes baby?"

"I wuvs you."

I gave her a smile and leaned down to kiss her.

" I love you too little girl."



Mari had fallen asleep so I started to get some work done on my laptop.

I went through emails  for about an hour before I heard my phone ding with a text notification.

Unknown: how much do you even know about your oh so perfect princess?

My eyebrows came together at this message.

Who is this?

My response was read and the three dots appeared in no time at all.

Unknown: ask her where her father is. What's she did.

Unknown: or check the email I just sent if you don't think she'll tell you.

I didn't reply and just deleted the messages, but that didn't help me take it off my mind.

I looked down at my phone one more time before looking at Mari who was looking at me with teary eyes.

"He texted you didn't he?"



Short chapter ik but I had to get this out. I am trying to put two more up before Friday, let's hope I can

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