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• Justins pov •

I sigh in relief as I finally put Mari asleep, after two hours of her jumping around and growling at me. Yep, growling.

I'm walking out of her room when I hear the most obnoxious sound.

Jason's voice.

"HONEY, I'm home!!"

I wince and rush down the stairs hoping to god he would shut up.

"JUSTINN!!!!!!" He calls just as I turn the corner and see him.

"Shut up! I just put Mari to sleep!" I whisper yell, my eyes wide with panic.

"I've missed you, mother fucker! How have you been?! How's your girl doing?!" He shouts, giving me a hug and patting my back while I stand stiff.

I barely noticed the girl behind him dressed in light purple and holding a stuffed Giraffe.

"So I was thinking that we go to the pool in the back and chill, get together and let our girls get to know each other-"

"SHUT THE HELL UP , MCCANN!" I yell, already having been a little stressed with having to put Mari to sleep, and I definitely did not need his loud mouth giving me a headache.


(A/n:it's been a while and she has a knee brace? Honestly forgot she got hurt....)

My eyes widen and I stiffened even more, if that is even possible.

"Hi, I'm Jason."

I turn, ignoring Jason who was smiling and waving at Mari who was at the top of the stairs holding her little tiger stuffy.

"Hi baby, I'm sorry for waking you? But my friend Jason and his little girl are here so why don't you come say hi?"

I watch as she walks carefully down the steps and walks to my side.


I chuckle at her and look over to we're I saw Jason's little only to see her biting his leg through his pants. But Jason is still smiling at Mari and I.

"Uhh, Jason.... your girl is eating you..." I say hesitantly.

"It's okay, she's just nervous." He chuckled before picking her up.

"This is Issabelle."

"H-hola." She says.

"She's Hispanic?" I asked completely clueless as to what Isabelle had said. Jason doesn't know Spanish but is just smiling at her. His smile dropped after he heard what I said.

"I thought she was speaking Italian....."

"Idiot they are two completely different languages!" I say smacking the back of his head.

"Actually," Mari whispers from her spot beside me,"the languages are very similar."

Jason laughs at me yelling 'stupid' , as Issa giggles.

I sigh, picking up Mari, before going upstairs to get her ready to go to the pool.


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