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(Continue of last chapter)

°Justins pov°

As soon as Mari was put to sleep, i went straight to my office.

I sat down on my chair and reached for my phone, calling the person i trust the most, besides my baby.


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"McCann." He answered in a dull tone.

"Wassup McCann, i thought you'd be more excited to hear my voice." I spoke with a small smirk.

"BIEBER! Hey man! We haven't talked in so long! Hows life been?" He started.

"Good. How about you man? I know how hard it is for you, running a mafia all by yourself now."

"Its been cool-YOULL NEVER BELIEVE WHO I FOUND IN MY GARDEN!" He yelled so loud i had to hold the phone away and even then Jason was to loud.

"Calm down McCann. You are always so fucking loud."

"Im gonna ignore the insult and just tell you who i found in the garden..... Isabelle Arcide."

"Umm....... am i suppose to know who that is?" I asked eyebrows pulled together.


"WHY ARE YOU SO FUCKING LOUD JASON?!" I asked furious at the fact he was about to make me deaf.

Yeah. Jason was also into dd/lg, which was cool since we are close and can tell eachother about our babygirls..... wow that soumded girly.

"Well, sorry i have a little and wanted to tell my best friend. Don't get all salty 'cause i have my baby and you don't." He says in a sassy way.

"Who said i didnt have my little girl McCann?" I asked, smirking.


"I swear to god and satan, Jason if you dont shut the hell up, i'll cut of you dick and stick it up your ass, so far it will need to be surgically removed." I all but growled.

"So violent.... i love it."

"Her name is Mariana, i got her some horses and a pony, she was so happy."

"Yeah well i got my baby a pink gun."

I frowned.


"I mean i have one for her, but i didnt give it to her. I own a mafia, i can get her a gun if i want to."

"Has she even seen the gun jason?"

"I mean... no bu-"

"Do you think your baby girl would be able to use the gun a lot?"

"She wouldnt need to because she has me to protect her."

"Exactly. Whats the point of having a pink gun that she will never use."

"You take the fun out of eveything." My bestfriend whines. "Anyways, got to go man. Have to get my baby a new present. Bye, Beiber."

"Bye McCann."

I hung up and laughed a little at my friends odd choices.

I left my office and went to bed.


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