T W E N T Y - T H R E E

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"What a precious little slut you've brought us, Alexander. She will be a perfect addition to the collection."

"S-sir I don't think you're understanding. U-uh this is my little sister, I was- I was hoping that you guys could fix her, l-like you fixed me sir!"

"She is a drug addict also?"

There was a moment of silence.

"N-no sir. It's just... The man I took her from had her call him daddy and wear baby clothes and it was disgusting. Can you cure her of the manipulation?"

(A/n: I hate myself for even writing that )

"Alexander, there is nothing wrong with a submissive slut. You will be rewarded greatly for bringing her to us. You're dismissed."

"B-but s-sir-"


A sob escaped my lips and tears escaped my closed eyes. Foot steps were heard leaving the room but I knew the mean man was still in here, the man that was yelling at my brother.

I cried harder when I realized what had happened. He didn't like that I was into Ddlg but instead of talking to me he gave me away. My brother left me with a stranger.

"Little girl," the man says," I suggest you hush before I give you a reason to cry."

I ignored him and continued crying.

"I want daddy," I cry.

"Shut up."

Again I ignored him, but this time I immediately regretted it.

He had kicked me straight in the stomach causing me to gasp for air that refused to reach my lungs.

"Next time Master says something, do it like the good little dolly you are. M'kay girly?" A girl that I hadn't noticed says.

I open my eyes for the first time since Alex drugged me, to see a handsome man and a pretty redhead girl who was chewing her gum in an obnoxious way.

The man wore a fancy suit that fit him well, and his hair was long and straight, hanging over his evil looking eyes.

"Get up little slut, we've got rule to discuss and customers to serve.


She's gone.

The bastard of a brother took her.

My baby girl.

My baby girl is gone.

"Look Justin, Isa says that they were playing outside on the playground and when her brother cam out, Mari stayed with him. Maybe he just took her out for a bit." Jason says, trying to be optimistic in a hopeless situation.

"It's been three hours," I say calmly, trying my hardest to contain my rage.



My glass of bourbon was throw at the fireplace that was across from me and Jason sighs.

"Look man-"

"Get the tapes from the security room."

He does as asked, giving up on counseling me.

I can't believe I let my precious girl slip through my fingers.


This was a bit of a filler but the next chapter will probably a flash back or I'll continue without the flash back. I haven't decided yet.

Continue or flashback?

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