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I'm so sorry for making you guys wait sooooooo long. I had really bad writers block and didn't want to write just another bull sh*t chapter so I waited for some ideas.

I'm so glad that I waited because I figured out how the rest of the story is gonna go.

To those of you who like the sexy scenes there will not be any till the end of the book.

There isn't going to be a sequel to this book, but Little Autism is the spin off, meaning that story will not be updated till this story ends. :(

There are around 10 chapters left and there is gonna be a lot of drama.

Anyways, enjoy this chapter and I'll try to update again soon.


Justin's POV

Last night Mari and I fell asleep on the couch while watching Beauty and the Beast ,so when I woke up all by myself I got kinda worried.

I walked upstairs and towards her room where I heard noises.

She was in the bathroom with her head over the toilet throwing up.

(A/n: this is not a continuation of the last chapter )

I rushes over and held her hair back as she cried and gaged and puked.

"Oh my sweet Baby, why didn't you wake me up. Its okay baby , I'll take care of you."

When she finished throwing up, I leaned her against the wall and started a cool bath for her, considering how hot she was.

" okay baby, let's get you out of those dirty clothes."

I slipped her out of her long sleeve pajama shirt that had Ariel on it, the I pulled of her pants and her undergarments.
(A/n: I'm laughing. something about the word undergarments is funny.)

When she was in the bath, I went to the sink and got her toothbrush, toothpaste, a cup, and a thermometer.

"Okay Baby girl, i'm going to take your temperature, and then we'll brush your teeth, okay?"

She whimpered and nodded, opening her mouth.

After taking her temperature, which was a 98.3°, I got a cup and her toothbrush and started to brush her pearly whites.

I made her spit then filled the cup with tap water so she could rinse her mouth.

A couple minutes later she is laying on my bed wrapped in blanket and shivering.

"I'll go make you soup, okay baby?"

She whimpered but nodded, and I began to walk out the room, hoping for her to get better.

Mari's POV

I hurt everywhere.

My throat was raw from throwing up and my tummy hurt from all the gagging.

I felt sweat form in my forehead despite the fact that I was freezing cold.

I absolutely hated being sick.

I turned over on my side and pulled the covers up to my neck, and saw my phone on the bedside table.

Justin had got it for me two days before he started going back to work, so we could text and I wouldn't feel lonely.

After grabbing my phone and turning it on, I put in my pass code because my fingerprint hasn't been added, and saw I had a new message.

Filled with curiosity, I opened my messages and read them over.

Unknown: Are you gonna tell him what happen to your father or will I have to?

Unknown: it was gonna come out either way. No secret can stay hidden forever.

I was shaking and not because I was cold. I was absolutely terrified.

Mari: who is this?

Unknown: a friend of a friend of yours ;)

I quickly deleted the messages and turned off my phone.

How did he know what happened to my father? What I did to him?

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