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Justins pov

"Princess!!" I shout out in the house, my voice practically portraying how exausted i am.

I told Mari, that i had to give her a bath, after i finished washing out dinner dishes, and she somehow got out her highchair, and decided that now was the time to play hide and seek.

"Princess Mari, it is time for your royal bathtime!" I shout out laughing a little when i heard a little squeal to my right, where the coat closet was.

"Hmmm, she must be in the living room." I turn a corner, where she can't hear me, and slip off my shoe. Then walk to the door.

It opens a little, then opens all the way and a smiling Mariana stepped out.

I moved fast and scooped her up in my arms, as she let out a mix between a scream and laughter. So fucking adorable.

"Okay, daddy now we can take a bath. Tank you for playing wit me." She said, slipping a little deeper into her headspace.

That made me grin, cause that means she trust me, enough.

I carried her up to her bathroom, which was across from her closet door.

I set her on the counter and started to fill the water, making sure the water was just right.

I look over at my beautiful princess, who was mumbling messing with her small fingers.

"Princess, do you want me to undress you or do you want to do it yourself?" I asked not wanting to make her uncomfortable.

"You can do it daddy."she replies giving a small yawn afterwards.

I quickly undress her, hoping she doesnt fall asleep before i can was her.

"Hey, sweet pea?" I ask and she opens her eyes and looks at me."wanna see something cool?"

"Mmhmm." She replies softly.

I go out the cabinet that was under the sink, and pull out one rose bath bomb.

I put it on the watter and hear my little girl gasp and squeal as she watched the water bubble and small rose petals seperate.

I picked her up and placed her in, then proceeded to wash her hair and body as she messes around with the small red petals.

Afterwards, i dress her not forgetting to put her sleeping diaper on her.

"Baby do you want a bottle before you sleep?" I asked.

She didn't answer so i looked up and saw her asleep, with her thumb in her mouth.

I picked her up, being very gentle not wanting to wake her, a slowly placed her in the Lavender colored covered mattress.

I replace her thumb with a pacifier and kissed her head goodnignt.

I am falling hard and fast or this girl.

I am so mad.

Okay so my internet wasnt working and i had to re-write this. It used to be longer but oh well, at least i updated.


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