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Justin's POV:

"I-im about to cum!" Victoria screamed as I pounded into her. How is she gonna come after only 20 minuets of fucking? I haven't had any pleasure!

I pulled out and pulled up my dress pants.

"Goodbye Victoria." I sigh annoyed as she smirked at me.

"How about round 2 daddy?" She asked still smirking.

"No and I am not your daddy, feel band for who ever is though. You are a horrible whore that doesn't know how to pleasure men!" In yelled getting angry.

She sighed, grabbed her clothes and walked out of my house.

I walked into my room and decided to take a shower before going to the baby girl auction.

I've had been with 6 baby girls but they all made being into ddlg sound like a joke. They were whores wanting attention and sex. Not love.

I got dressed and headed towards the convention center where I was gonna find the perfect baby girl. One that will love me and listen to me and doesn't only want sex.

I walked in and was greater by the baby girl manager.

"Hi, I wanted to know if you had met any good baby girls... Ones that don't only want sex?" I asked being polite for once. The girl grinned.

"Actually I just finished with a little that was a virgin. When they are calling numbers look for number 20." She says before walking away.

I walked into the main room and sat at an table in the farthest corner. I really hope number twenty was the one

"Number 1.......2............8.........15.............number twenty is Marianna duveuy. She likes to draw, and sin, and read, dates men, and is allergic to any pork product. We start the bid at $50,000."

She was absolutely beautiful with her brown hair and hazel eyes. I scan her body and even from here I can see a bruises on her leg and only half of a bruise on her shoulder that was party covered by her shirt.

"$160000." I shout and everyone froze.

"Sold to Mr.bieber fore $160000!"

I walked to the stage where we both meypt and walked backstage.

I was about to ask her, her age when she spoke up.

"A-Are you gonna be my daddy?" She spoke softly.

I stopped and looked at her. She was looking at the floor twidling her thumbs. Too cute.

"I am baby girl. How old are you?" I asked softly and picked her up as she giggled.

"19 daddy." She giggled messing with my hair as I walked us to the baby girl manager.

"Ahh, so you picked number twenty I see." She grinned at me and Mari.

"Yep." I said handing her a check.

"Well I wish your relationship best of luck." She said and walked away.

We walked to my car and I slid her in her car seat.

"Baby girl, what do you have in that bag?" I asked as I buckled her, when I noticed her doggy back pack.

"My pack, stuffies some clothes, and ni-night diapers." She said playing with the ears on the bag.

"Okay well, we will go over rules at the house and then I will show you your princess room, okay?" I said.

"Okay Dada." She said.

Too precious.

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