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A/n: i know i asked if you guys wanted sexual content this chapter and i am gonna write it, but i was lowkey hoping you would say no because i am not the greatess at writing intimate scenes. But you are all awesome so here we go.

°Justins POV °

It was around lunchtime when i went up to Mari's room.

I opened the door, and walked in seeing her play with pm her baby dolls , while laying on her tummy, her lips moving  as she made them talk.

"Princess, time for lunch. Come downstairs with me. "I commanded gently.

"No, im playing daddy."

I raised my eyebrow.

"I can see that,  but it is time to eat.  So come to daddy before i dont let you see the horses and the pony."

I was getting slightly irritated when she just continued playing.

"Mariana i am not joking. Come. Here. Now."

She just continued to play with her toys and ignored me again.

I growled, then stomped over to her,  lifting be with my arms around her waist trying to carry her down to eat, but then she started to kick and scream.

I put her down, only to loft her again, and throw her over my shoulder while she still kicked and screamed.

I stomp over to my room and lock the door, then sat down and put mari over one knee and using the other to lock her legs down.

"What is wrong with you Mariana? All i asked was to come eat and you say no? Then threw a tamtrum?! Niw i have to punish you and i might even give away the horses. Do you want me to give away the pony and horses?"

She just shook her head 'no' with a pout on her face.

I slide down her skirt and her panties (a/n: i hate that word), while mari tried to kick her legs lose.

"Count each spanking or i will asd five more.  You have 18."

I hit her with my hand and she counted.










Mari started to cry and sob, while she covered her hand on her eyes.

"Im sorry daddy! No more please!" She sobs.

I frown and lift my baby up, being as careful as possible with her little butt.

"Okay, princess. No more." I say as i pet her hair and hug her tight.

When she finished crying i put her on my bed, tummy down, then went to my bathroom to get lotion to soothe her butt.

I sat back down on the bed and placed a little bit of lotion on her sore bum.

She moaned at the cold feeling and closed her eyes, while i massaged her little ass with the cold lotion.

After a minute or so, she moaned and squirmed in her spot.

"Daddy." She hummed making me aroused and hard.

I discreetly slid one hand down to her kitty, and come in contact with her own arousal.

I rub my fingures up and down her folds, then quickly flipped her over, to see her eyes closed and her quickened breaths.

"Do you like that princess?" I asked in a rough voice.

She whimpered and nodded,"yes Daddy, more."

I rubbed my thumb over her clit as my other hand slid under her shirt  and her bra to gather one of her boobs in my hand.

I went up and met my lips with hers as she moaned into my mouth.

°Mariana's POV°

When daddy started to rub my princess parts, i was over filled with pleasure the completely overcame the pain of my punishment.

I was dazed in pleasure i didnt notice him now kissing a trail down my tummy till he licked it.

(A/n: lord bejeezus this is awkward for me.)

He came to a stop and looled in my eyes before going down and licking my kitty and nibbling on my little nub.

I moaned loud and grinded my hips up on his face, and right when I was about to get the release ive been waiting for... he pulled away.

I was about to one when i felt a digit enter me, then another, and another till the was three.

He pumped his fingers in and out of me till i finally felt lile i was about to explode.

"Cum, for daddy." He whispered in my ear and that was all i needed to finally let go and relax my body.


I know i updated late but in my defence it was hard!

Most people wanted to have this chapter in justins pov and it was harder to write than i thought cuz wth does a guy think when he fingers a girl?!

Yeah so either way this chapter sucked in my opinion, but vote for it anyway!😉

Bye 😚

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