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More jason McCann this chapter!!

Justins pov

I stopped the car at the doors of the E.R and quickly took my baby out.

She started to whine and cry as i brought her through the doors.

After talking to a couple of the employees, they took Mari to the x-ray room to see what exactly was wrong with her leg and i sat in the waiting room.

I took my phone out and called one my most trusted friends.

"Jason McCann." He answered ,making me roll my eyes.

"You really should check caller ID,  because your greetings are never welcoming."

"Hey, Justin! How are you doing?"

"Im at the hospital-" i was cut off by the loud mouth Jason McCann.

"Im on my way."

The retard hung up before i could even explain. He is gonna come in guns blazing, screaming like a maniac and probably get kicked out or arrested.

I sighed and set my head in my hands, then rubbed my temple, extremely stressed out.

"Mr. Bieber," the nurse the came out of no where started,"I'm afraid I have to inform you that your wife has patella fracture and may need to be but into a cast and have to use crutches or a wheelchair. She is supposed to be currently in surgery but has refused till she has seen you."

(A/n: they aren't married, Justin just said they were so he could stay past visiting hours if she has to stay over night.)

I nodded getting up and following her down to one of the rooms where I see my little girl laying with tears stains on her precious face.

"Ohh, baby I am so so sorry. I should hav-" I was silenced when I felt her hand press against my lips.

"It was an accident, you didn't know it was gonna happen, it's okay." She whispered in a hoarse voice.

I gave her a quick peck on the lips before hugging her and comforting her.

Once the nurse came back in i was told she was going to surgery and walked back to the waiting room, feeling completely exhausted and hungry.

We didn't even get to eat lunch.


It's been two hours since the took my baby to surgery and I was feeling completely helpless.

I was cut from depression when I was suddenly tackled from my seat .

"Are you okay?!? What happened! Is it cancer?! We'll get through this together!!" I heard my attacker screech as I was squished half to death.

"They said I'm dying in two days time." I sigh out looking at the floor when Jason finally let go of me.

"Really?" He asked sounding genuinely sad.

"Nah, I was just yanking your balls man." I chuckled but then quickly got serious when I rembered why I was here in the first place.

"Someone shot at my little girl while she was on her horse . The horse got shot and Mari fell off, getting something fractured in her knee." I sigh.

Jason's eye twitched.

"So I wasted the gas in my helicopter because your present backfire?! You know what fuc-"

I quickly silenced him by kick his nuts.

"I need you to get some men over here for security and stay till I figure out who it is." I explain.

When I finally get him to agree,  we go over plans before he leaves to gather the men and some personal things.

At least I feel a little less depressed.


Double update!!

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