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"Mari! You little whore! Get dressed! I am finally getting rid of you!" My master William yelled from the stairs. Just ythe thought of finally leaving him and his abusive ways brings me joy, but I keep a neutral face and walk calmly up the stairs. Master would say things that would ruin the thought of leaving.

I hate master now! We both used to love each other, he was so sweet, but out of no were he began to physical and verbally abuse me. He was supposed to be a sweet daddy. Putting my happiness above his needs. His sexual desire. I am proud to say I am a virgin, but to keep him contained and sane, he has done horrible things to me.

I go to my pink run down room and put on a lavender colored skirt, a white v neck, ands some frilly socks and dolly shoes. I but my hair in to braids and a small bow to the side. Majority of the things I have were bought with the money I get if i am good. So I guess master wasn't that bad. But new is pretty evil.

I pack a bag off stuffys, diapers (for ni-night time) a bottle, and my paci's.

"Master I am ready." I say calmly.

We walked to the door and I tried to sit in the front, but masters said that it was for the good girls, his whores.

We pull into a parking lot of a convention center and he leads the way to the back doors. Right before we entered the stopped me.

"Look you little slut. I think you have a nice body but I hate you innocence and neediness. I didn't want to takes it forcefully Burr if I ever see you again I am gonna do it and I won't stop." He sneered before walking away. I just shrugged and walked through the door I was supposed to go into.

Just down the hallway I saw a sign in table and walked over.

"Hello miss. I wanna paticpat in the auction." I said messing up on a word in accident. The girl grinned and gave me a paper.

"Please fill this out and if you want any help just ask me."

I filled in the info sheet that said:

Ddlg or bdsm?

I filled it in and gave it to the pretty lady who led me backstage and gave me a badge with a number.

"When they call this number, walk on stage and smiles at all the people. And wait for someone to bid. When you have a daddy you come back here with him and fill in some papers then you are all set." She instructed.

I nodded and waited for my number to be called, and when it was I shuffled my feet to the center of the stage.

"Okay ladies and gentlemen, the next little, number twenty, is Mariana duevey. She is a virgin that likes to draw and sing, and read, only dates men, and has an allergy to any pork product. We start the bid at 50,000."

I zoned out for the bids looking through the crowd, till I heard a voiced boom; "$160000"

Everyone froze and turned to the man, he was wearing a armani suit and had the most beautiful brown caramel eyes.

"Sold to Mr. Bieber, for 160000!" He walks to the end of the stage and I meet him over there and we walk back stage, when I suddenly become nervous.

"A-are you gonna be my daddy?" I asked.


Soooo.... How was my first chapter?

She acts more mature in this chapter because of her fears but she will be more in her little space next chapter.

-bye bye!!!☺☺☺

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