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Small surprises in this chapter.


Justin's pov

Mari got out of the hospital just a week ago and she hasn't been outside once, and I think it is starting to get to her. Her horse ended up dying a couple day after the accident and Mari wants to have a small grave for her outside and I keep refusing because I don't want her hurt again.

And not only is it me not letting her go outside, it's also the wheelchair. When they were gonna release her, she kept falling off her crutches. After a whole hour of trying to help her stay up, everyone finally gave up and brought her a wheel chair. It is hard to get around on the dirt with it so the doctor told us he was against the idea while she was in it which was for 5 weeks till she was allowed to walk on it with a little pressure and no pain.

Jason had a bunch of his gang members as security and I think they started to freak Mari out, as I haven't told her about Jason yet, who was currently doing something over where he is. It was something along the lines of 'trampoline bed'. Who knows?

I stop typing my email and go over to my princess's room where she is supposed to be asleep, but it reading a toddler book, which was upside down.

I let out a soft sigh at the sight which was soon followed by a smile.

" I put you to bed an hour ago baby." I say with playfully narrowed eyes as I walked over to her big girl bed that I have in a room across from her other room. It was for when she was out of headspace, but since she injured her leg she has had to use it.

She stares at her book with concentration, until I take it and flip it.

She giggles when she realizes and sets her book to the side.

"I wasn't sleepy, and my leg is really itchy under the cast." She explains while looking at her purple wrap on her leg.

"Well could I do to fix that, hmm?"

She looked thoughtful before her eyes brightened.

"You used to be a singer! Sing a song for me!" She giggled and snuggled deeper into her comforter.

I thought about it for a moment before I decided.

"Anything for you, darling."

I started to sing one of my old songs to my baby girl.

"Mark my words,"

I sing the song gently and softly as I brushed Mari's hair over with my fingers. She just stares at me in awe and pride.

I finished the song as her snores were heard through the big room.

•the next day•

I decided the next day that Mari should be able to put a grave for her horse so I got some escorts and we went to the stalls where she buried her special pet and made me sing ' Mark my Words' again.

And right before we went inside I stopped her in the middle of our garden.

"Mari, baby, I know you are going to miss your horse but to make up for putting the little funeral off I got you another pet, and I know it won't make up for the pet you lost but it will certainly make you happy. And all I want to do is make you happy, so," I snap my fingers and a man came out with the small box with wholes," I present Nana."

I opened the box and took out the small finger monkey and handed it to the wide eyed girl.

I opened the box and took out the small finger monkey and handed it to the wide eyed girl

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Yep, chapter is over because I didn't know how to end it. It is a cute monkey though!

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