T W E N T Y - N I N E

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Jasons pov

I focus on my driving and ignore the anger that flows through my veins.

He not only took her, and her virginity but took away her choice to be a mother. That piece of shit deserves to rot in the deepest pits of hell.

I take out my phone.

"What are you doing? "

I look over to Mari and see the panicked look in her eyes then quickly looked back at the road,"calling Justin to give him the address and tell him that i have you. I won't tell him but he's gonna see you eventually."

"Jason," I glance over and see tears in her eyes," im scared. What if he doesn't want me anymore?"

My heart breaks as she starts to sob.

"You listen here little miss, he will always want you no matter what. Will he be mad about what happened? Most definitely but he won't be mad at you. This isn't your fault and it never will be. I love you Mari and so does Justin, okay?"

The little girl nods but continues crying and i keep telling her how much i love her.

I turn on my phone and call Justin.


"You really should check caller ID, because your greetings are never welcoming," I said with a sad smile on my face.

He sighed loudly.

"What is it that you want Jason?"

"I found Mari," I waited for a response but all I heard was his breathing pick up, "called me and gave me the address."

It was quiet for another second or two before he asked, " she called you and not me? Send me the address so I can finally get her back and kill the bastard that took her!"

I look over to Mari who is looking out the window with tears rolling down her pale cheeks.

"I'll send you the address but don't kill him, he deserves a life time of torture."

I hung up and quickly sent the address, careful with my driving.

"Why didn't you tell him I was with you?"

"Because he needs to focus on getting the bastard the tortured you."

She stayed quiet afterwards

Soon enough we are at my house.

I quickly get out and run over to her door. I unbunckle her and im about to pick her up but hesitate. What if she doesn't want a guy to touch her right now?

"Mari," i look her in the eyes,"is it okay if i carry you inside?"

"Of course, I trust you Jason and i know im safe now."

I carefully put my arms around her and pick her up bridal style to carry her into the house.

She was super skinny, despite her pregnant belly. Her arms were the twigs and her skin was freezing.

I put her on the couch and  all she did was stare at the wall. So I decided to run to the kitchen to microwave her some chicken noodle soup and get her a glass of water.

Soon enough I have the food in front of her, warm and ready to eat but she only glances at it before looking back at the white wall.

"You need to eat."


I reach over and carefully turn her head so she'll look at me," if u don't eat the baby will die."

"That's the point."

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