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Against This World by MissBridgetAnn
Against This Worldby Bridget Ann
In a world stricken and ravaged by an ultra deadly virus, Jordan Matthews must figure out how to survive to the best of her abilities. Her life is full of sorrow and pai...
Me And My Mates❤ by ash3_iyn
Me And My Mates❤by ash3_iyn
Yasmin, is a girl of power and great strength. The only problem is, she has no idea how powerful she is. She finds her mate, only to discover that she has not only 1 but...
Random JenLisa Smuts/Stories G!P by TreasureMaker0507
Random JenLisa Smuts/Stories G!Pby TreasureMaker0507
Top Lisa Bottom Jennie That's it. Chaesoo is included in some chapters.
Every Thug Loves A Thick Girl by Nae_Spiffy
Every Thug Loves A Thick Girlby Nae Nae
If they say big girls can't find love they lying Big girls are just as confident as the skinny one Find out how Tomiya handles her own and find love yess she falls for...
R-Rated Stories by dadddddyyy-
R-Rated Storiesby dadddddyyy-
Dirty Stories for the Dirty Minded READ AT YOUR OWN RISKS
The Must See & Read by G_Writer_
The Must See & Readby Grace Write
⭐⭐⭐COMPLETED⭐⭐⭐ Cover made by @BadAssAssasin1 Book was Completed but is now going under editing!!! And books are being added!!! Please guy if you like this book follo...
Forbidden Fruit by howlingwolf
Forbidden Fruitby A day dreamer and a night thi...
For years he admired her. For months he fantasized about her. Today, at last, he asked her. "Will you fuck me?" Her response was a look that had him quiverin...
Amateur Drawings by SimmerAndBoil
Amateur Drawingsby SimmerAndBoil
I know I'm not that good at drawing but I don't have any confidence to show them to anyone. So, here ya go people whom I shall never meet...
Best Romance Books Ever! by Abigail_Grace145
Best Romance Books Ever!by Abby
These are some of the best romance books ever, they do have werewolf, vampire, student teacher, and some great authors in this book!
Kidnapped by the mafia by ginnybean
Kidnapped by the mafiaby ginnybean
What will happen when Em's life suddenly gets turned up side down. What will happen when she gets kidnapped by the most brutal, merciless and bloodthirsty mafia around...
Don't be Afraid by SophiaRasmussen
Don't be Afraidby Sophia Rasmussen
(This book contains sexual and r-rated content) Beverly LeFaren is taken from her family and pack, then sold off in the black market. Her fate and life is now in the han...
Club Drunken Cherry Fan Fiction by Jjen30
Club Drunken Cherry Fan Fictionby Jjen
This is my version of a chapter following a not so recent update on Olga Goa's book CDC. Avid readers of the said book will know which one I am referring to. For those i...
Psychotic Lovers  by Seifuko
Psychotic Lovers by Sei
when serial killer meets another serial killer, what's bound to happen?
.Compton . by TAMPiCOGAWD
.Compton .by Novocaine
Born in the Dominican Republic. Raised in Compton. India Moralez had all the features every guy wants. She was a nice 16 year old tomboy , but when Josiah comes around...
What's Done In The Dark by only_yu_boo
What's Done In The Darkby only_yu_boo
what happens when the people you love are the main one's to hurt you? secrets are soon to be revealed, relationships are put to test....
One Night Only by Pure_OVO_XO
One Night Onlyby Pure_OVO_XO
One Night Only. No more, no less.
Wolfs Heart by JJbear90
Wolfs Heartby JJbear90
Three long years Oliver waited, three years it took to realise and accept his mate. Now as he waits for his mate to come back will his mate still accept him or will oliv...
Perfection by JumpyOnes
Perfectionby Jazzy Disma
Hey guys! This is my first story. Its based on a two girls names Zefira and Aqua. They where besties until Zefira started dating this girl named Coral and decided not to...
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