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Horny Step Brother by senior009
Horny Step Brotherby
Short story about a step-brother who lusts for his Step-sister. Over 18 Only read story. #1-r-rated 1Oct 2021
Against This World by MissBridgetAnn
Against This Worldby MissBridgetAnn
In a world stricken and ravaged by an ultra deadly virus, Jordan Matthews must figure out how to survive to the best of her abilities. Her life is full of sorrow and pai...
Welsh and Vanishing Dragon Izuku by JinzoKing222
Welsh and Vanishing Dragon Izukuby JinzoKing222
Izuku was a normal Kid with a Dream to become a Hero but Fate had different plans at the age of 4 Izuku and his twin Sister Izumi go to the quirk Doctor to find out thei...
pulled into a fantasy releam  by Lehava
pulled into a fantasy releam by lehava
Just ask group of one shots with monsters 😉
Blind Date  (Completed)✅ by VICMAD
Blind Date (Completed)✅by VICMAD
Copyright © 2014 by VICMAD -All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written perm...
Dirty Little Secrets by TheScarlettLetter01
Dirty Little Secretsby TheScarlettLetter01
R-Rated sexy stories crafted just for you.
The Bite by Pixee_Styx
The Biteby Sam Schill
After being attacked, professional call girl Raya and her sister Lana become a little less human. Though one sees this as a gift and an enhancement toward professional i...
Reaper by mollybeth13
Reaperby Blue eyes
The VP of the satan's riders was a cold man it was said he had no soul and a cold heart. After all he did watch his little sister be murdered in front of him at the ag...
Kidnapped by the mafia by ginnybean
Kidnapped by the mafiaby ginnybean
What will happen when Em's life suddenly gets turned up side down. What will happen when she gets kidnapped by the most brutal, merciless and bloodthirsty mafia around...
Everyone Should Know (Alex Turner) by starlordhelders
Everyone Should Know (Alex Turner)by starlordhelders
"But you said you'd love me forever," she said with tears streaming down her face. He looked at her carelessly and said, "Yes,but that was before I met he...
Me And My Mates❤ by ash3_iyn
Me And My Mates❤by ash3_iyn
Yasmin, is a girl of power and great strength. The only problem is, she has no idea how powerful she is. She finds her mate, only to discover that she has not only 1 but...
Love Above All by OriannaCampbell
Love Above Allby Ari
The heart wants what it wants. Teacher/Student relationship.
 SOBER (Discontinued) by LiuLiuShy
SOBER (Discontinued)by sHieLolI
The dark, husky voice was enough to rattle her bones. Rough, calloused hands grabbed her waist possessively and pulled her petite frame into their large one. There was a...
Best Romance Books Ever! by Abigail_Grace145
Best Romance Books Ever!by Abby
These are some of the best romance books ever, they do have werewolf, vampire, student teacher, and some great authors in this book!
choosen by Kpopismylife_Nikisan
choosenby Nikisan
This is a fanfiction please do not take this literally it was written for fun 😊. If you feel uncomfortable please skip this story thank you 🤗
You Love Me by unconditional101
You Love Meby The Insomniac
"So I'm kissing you shirtless here and you're zoning out on me? Nice one Lyric!" His voice was dripping with amusement but I still had the urge to hide my fa...
Torn by Angel_360
Tornby Angel_360
"Sitting back with a heavy chest of inhales and exhales, tears pouring down her cheek, and shattered glass everywhere. Clair put her knees up to her chest, wrapped...
Claimed By Brothers by MonxXxCoeur
Claimed By Brothersby Poison Ivy
I was never the wanted child. Unwanted by my mother. Unwanted by my father. Unwanted by my siblings. Nobody ever wanted me, but still. I was there. Trapped between the...
A crazy thing called love. by KimmieZeldaMalfoy
A crazy thing called love.by Kimberly Guzman
Draco is enjoying his hot cup of tea down by the lake, when he is interrupted. A short boy with unruly dark-brown hair passes by. He knew who the boy was almost instantl...
What's Done In The Dark by only_yu_boo
What's Done In The Darkby only_yu_boo
what happens when the people you love are the main one's to hurt you? secrets are soon to be revealed, relationships are put to test....