Undeniable Attraction  by lyynn_n
Undeniable Attraction by lyynn_n
I couldn't believe the way I was acting. Sure, I was attracted to him but this wasn't like me at all. What if someone comes into his office and finds me sitting on his...
  • love
  • steamy
  • lust
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TeacherxStudent GirlxGirl by SharkyWave
TeacherxStudent GirlxGirlby SharkyWave
TeacherxStudent lesbian short stories
  • short
  • girlxgirl
  • lesbian
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His for the taking (BWWM) by lyynn_n
His for the taking (BWWM)by lyynn_n
"You- Are- Mine Jayda... All mine.. No- one else's." Conrad panted through the hard kissing and touching. That did it for me. I peeled off my shirt and presse...
  • rrated
  • ceo
  • bipolar
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IN THE ARMS OF THE PRINCE by Serenitybabsy
Werewolf story of love, pain and betrayal
  • love
  • war
  • betrayal
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Dramione lemon smut (m-rated one shots xx) by yepsimplyashley
Dramione lemon smut (m-rated one s...by Ashley LeStrange
LEMONY LEMONY SMUTTY SMUT ONE SHOTS OR WHATEVER YA CALL IT R rated and mature :p Dramione shipper in da house No hate darlings xx
  • wattys2018
  • smutish
  • lemonysmut
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Chosen for love (Ereri) by Half_blood-angel
Chosen for love (Ereri)by Half_blood-angel
Mermaid!ErenxPirate!Levi eren is a mermaid in a migrating pod with his family, but when pirates come to get one for research, Eren is the one who get caught!
  • levixeren
  • ereri
  • eren-fab-tail
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My Best Friend's Boyfriend by Sensitive2Sunlight
My Best Friend's Boyfriendby Sensitive2Sunlight
My heart won't stop hammering at me. My wolf growls and tells me to go to mate but I can't. I couldn't do that to Sam. She was my best friend and I couldn't jeopardize t...
  • werewolf
  • love
  • mark
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Sweeter Than Sugar by xlusciousx
Sweeter Than Sugarby Luna Whiteley
Alexandra Giovanni has everything she's ever wanted; her own Business. Over the last year her Little shop has become the most popular thing in her home town of Sweet wa...
  • virgin
  • menage
  • lgbt
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Enemies With Benefits by princess_notperfect
Enemies With Benefitsby princess_notperfect
Dawn Lee Clayton and Cameron Jason Hardwick are sworn enemies. They have taken upon themselves to make each other's life miserable since the start of college. It's the j...
  • love
  • mature
  • completed
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The Bad Brother by La_Rose_Semsem
The Bad Brotherby La_Rose_Semsem
Never in her wildest dreams did Natasha ever think of cheating on Carl, her boyfriend... least of all with his brother. And yet, she was falling hard for the bad boy's...
  • lust
  • jealousy
  • forbidden
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Baby Girl|Justin Bieber| DDlg by bby-doll0302
Baby Girl|Justin Bieber| DDlgby bby-doll0302
Mariana Duveuy is sent to an auction by hear old abusive master, where she finds the perfect daddy Justin Bieber, the now retired pop singer. Mariana comes with some tro...
  • daddy
  • abdl
  • daddykink
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This story is about park yuna who will have to spend the rest of her summer with her new uncle.. hoshi. New uncle due to the reason that her father married hoshi's siste...
  • minghao
  • r-rated
  • dino
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The Temptress by LunettasEclipse333
The Temptressby *Melody*
"I wouldn't do that love" "And just why not?" I said enraged as I howled and screamed pleads of help into the stale air of the dungeon from t...
  • midevil-ish
  • prison
  • captivity
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Something About Vivian by Bunny_Cloyd
Something About Vivianby Bunny
Vivian is a model that is the face of The Darkest Shade, a new campaign that was launched to showcase models with dark skin. She has been married for 10 years to her hi...
  • bmbw
  • mature
  • private-chapters
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Spiderman/Peter Parker X Reader by SpideyManSpiderFan
Spiderman/Peter Parker X Readerby IMakeStories:P
Just a story about you meeting Spiderman. Nothin' much :/ (THIS STORY USES MATURE LANGUAGE AND SCENES! PLEASE DO NOT READ IF YOU ARE UNDERAGE) -------------------- You m...
  • reader
  • sexual
  • rrated
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Best Friend's Brother by SpideyManSpiderFan
Best Friend's Brotherby IMakeStories:P
(This story includes mature content so I suggest you are 18+ if you are reading this) Main Characters ----------------- Jay- Girl, Tan Skin, Freckles, A Bit Plump, Self...
  • rrated
  • sexual
  • ihavenoideaanymore
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Obsessed ( Completed ) by BornBroken423
Obsessed ( Completed )by BornBroken423
Lilly Rose was your typical high school teenager. She went to party's, she did her work, and she stressed over everything. She thinks that her life is completely normal...
  • myserious
  • tears
  • horror
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Sugar Daddies by DeathlyDefault
Sugar Daddiesby DeathlyDefault
Complete; Book 2 Now Available! Two Sugar Daddies, and One Sugar Baby? Sure! The catch? Well, the daddies are not exactly human, and the sugar baby, is a transgender. J...
  • dirty
  • jason
  • pornwithplot
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Bitten by lesliewood2014
Bittenby lesliewood2014
What if Elena had a twin sister who was also bitten and turned into a werewolf? Well, it's true. I'm Elena's twin sister. Things aren't easy when you're a werewolf espec...
  • r-rated
  • fanfiction
  • elena
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Whore house by brooke5701
Whore houseby Brooke
I hate it here! I didn't sign up for this! How could he do this to me? Five years ago my alcoholic, abusive father sold me to a whorehouse. He gets money for making me h...
  • fanfic
  • zayn
  • louis
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