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Justins pov


Thats how the day started and thats what im afraid it will end with.

First my little Mari woke up whining about how she was cold, then it was about how she didnt like the clothes i picked for her, after that is was how she didnt want chocolate pancakes and how she wanted cookies for breakfast.

As of right now she is whining about wanting me to play with her and is distracting me so much, something that was supposed to take 15 minuets took almost an hour.

I quickly finished my paperwork and looked at Mari with a stern look, only for it to diminish at her tears. I am so confused.

"Daddy..." she cries softly, as she looks at me with her teary doe eyes,"my head hurts really, really bad." She sobs and runs and hugs my knees.

I lift her up and set her on my lap, checking her temperature with me hand. She has no fever.

"Awww. Baby, have you drank anything?" I asked thinking she was probably dehydrated.

"Yes, but my head still hurt." She continues to cry.

"Okay well lets give you a nap and a bottle and we can cuddle till you are asleep, sound good princess?"

She sniffles and nods slightly, the tears diminishing.

I picked her up and got her a bottle of warm chocolate milk and laid us down in my bed.

I ran my fingers through her hair as she drank and closed my eyes.

I started to drift off into sleep when i felt the bed shift and my babygirls warmth leave my side.

I stayed quiet for a little while before, stealthily getting off the bed and sneaking behind her, as she walked to the livingroom and to her stuffy, a small minnie mouse.

She sat down and began to move the small plush disney character around.

Deciding she would be fine, i went to my room and took a shower, my mind throwimg me thoughts of my precious little girl making me smile.

She as a little whiny today but i hope she gets better, 'cause i always want my baby happy and playful.

I care for Mari so much, it was kind of surprising how much so, considering how long she has been here.

I walk out the bathroom with a towel around my waist, and small droplets of water slipping down my chest.

I saw my baby sleeping with her pointer finger in her mouth and her minnie mouse pressed against her chest, where her shirt caught my eye.

It was mine.

I walked over to see Mari had gripped my shirt with the hand that was also wrapped around her baby disney stuffy.

Oh, my precious baby just wanted to wear my shirt. She probably felt neglected.

My Angel.

She's getting a present.


Hello world!
Im back.

I know i dissapeared for a while, but i just had a small writers block.

Everything should start getting better by the next chapter. Meaning sexual scenes.

Advanced warning. Im real akward when it comes to writing those but i will do it for all the people that like that kinda stuff.

Anways, dont forget to vote and comment.


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