T W E N T Y - T W O

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Third person POV

Jason packed bags as his little girl and her new best friend played in the play room, thinking over his decision.

Leaving now, when Justin was stressed and looking for help seemed like a bitch move. If Jason didn't have anything to worry about in his personal life he would have totally stayed to support his friend.

But that's just it. IF.

Jason had a little girl to take care of, a mafia to run, cops to run from. Before things escalated so quickly, it wasn't something Jason had to worry about. Now it was a constant worry of who will come shoot up the mansion this time, and are they lucky enough to keep them away from the girls again.

Of course Justin understood. He was very supportive of the decision Jason had made and was happy he had someone in his life to take care of.

But Jason couldn't get this bad feeling out of his stomach. Like something bad was going to happen.


Mari giggle along with Issa as they played with their stuffies and dolls.

"G-go outside wif bestfwend Mawi?" Issa asked and immediately Mari nodded.

It's had became a daily thing for the two to sneak outside and play on the playground set that was made for them.

Mari knew that if Justin found out she would get in trouble so she made sure that they were super quiet while they went through the house.

When the girls were finally out there they played on the swings, went down the slide, rode on the seesaw, and pretended to be fairies from Tinkerbell.

(TinkerBell is the best, what's you favorite Disney or Pixar movie?I like Tinkerbell but tangled is my favorite.)


The girls head snapped up and she saw her brother standing at the back door looking at her in confusion.

All that ran through her head was that he was going to tell Justin and that he would be mad at her and Isa would get in trouble with Jason.

She grabbed Isa's hand and started to run back inside with her only to be stopped by her brother.

Mari let go of her friend so that she could go inside.

"Please please don't tell Daddy, I promise we won't come outside again without permission. Pretty please with sprinkles and ice cream and cherries and caramel on top?"

Alexander just stared at her blankly before dragging her to the front of the house and towards a car.

"Alex? Alex? Alexander what are you doing? I have to go back inside."

She pushed the heels of her bare feet into the ground to try to stop him, but he only tightened his grip and continued on bringing her towards the car he arrived in.

"Alex! Alex I have to go back to Justin! Please let me go back to him!" At this point she was sobbing. She didn't know what was happening.

When they were little he was never rough with her, he treated her like a precious butterfly.
But then she remembers, they weren't children anymore. No matter how much she wishes they were.

She took a deep breath and was about to scream when she felt a sharp pain in her neck and the air in her lungs deflated.

"I didn't want to take you Mari, you look so happy. But what you and the pervert do ....i-its disgusting. It's not normal and he has brain washed you into thinking it is. Where I'm taking you, w-well they might be a little rough but they'll fix you, just like they fixed me."

Her body shook with sobs and she soon went limp with drowsiness.

"They'll fix you."


I hate myself.
Just writing those words made me wanna throw up.


if you disagree then why the f*ck are you still reading this book.

Alexander is stupid and ignorant and I hate myself for making him a character but he is a necessary evil in this book. So ......Meh!

Anyways if you're still reading this book, you deserve a medal because I was reading the previous chapters and cringed so hard the whole time.

Love you all <3<3<3

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