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Justin's pov
I watched as Mari doggy paddled to Issa with her little floats, and chuckled.

She had told me that she couldn't swim when I was putting her bathing suit on her, and I immediately knew the solution to the problem.

Jason went to check the guards he had watching the place while I watched the girls, but he went almost 15 minutes ago.

Deciding that it was time to go look for him, I get the girls out the pool and bring them to Mari's room, telling them to stay in their towels and in the room.

I closed the door on my way out and went to look for the crazy mafia leader that was Jason McCann.

I walked out the front door and that's when I heard it.


I ran forward and to the side of the mansion where I see one of Jason's men lying dead on the floor with wide blank eyes. I grab his gun.

Following the trail of dead bodies, I finally find where everything is happening.

I was fuming.

I shot at every guy I was sure wasn't Jason's  and looked for him at the same time.

I hoped for Issa's sake that he was still alive.

Stepping if the dead men and shooting the ones with a heartbeat down, I made my way through the massacre.

Fifteen minutes later I find him a mile into the woods that were near my house, shooting the last guy down and looking at me with a grin.

"That was fun"

I frowned,"it's not so fun when you know your life isn't the only one in the line. Our girls are in  my girls room so let's quickly get back, shower off the blood , and see them again."

He grinned and nodded.

We jogged to the mansion eager to see our babies again, and showered.

As the pink water fell to the bottom of my shower I tried to think of every possible reason someone would attack me and my girl and our home.

I quit Jason's mafia around the same time I retired my singing career and everything should have been good by now, but I guess someone still holds a grudge.

It's not long after I have showered that my baby is in my arms as we snuggle and watch a movie in my room.


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