T W E N T Y - O N E

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Mariana's POV

It's was two days after the incident when I was finally emotionally stable to ask my brother where he had been and why he hadn't come to find me sooner.

I sucked in a big breath as I got out of my big girl bed and went to take a shower.

Today was a no head space day for me, headspace will stop me from getting the answers I want. The answers I need. The answers I deserve.

After washing my hair and drying of I dressed in a simple loose white T-shirt, and some light blue ripped jeans, then slipped on some cute socks with little digital looking bunnies.

Leaving my soaking hair down on my shoulders, I walked out of my big girl room and down into the living room where I see a pouting Justin and an emotionless Alexander.

Jason and Issa were in the room too. Jason was looking at Issa with a look of adoration while she just sat and stared at the TV that was playing Sofia the First.

I walked towards the couch, resisting the urge to go into little space.

Clearing my throat I spoke, "Alexander...?"

His head snapped up and his eyes focused on mine. I have his full attention.

"Wha-.... What happened after dad, erm, he, uhh-"

"Stabbed me ?"

I nodded

"I left the house, stumbling around like some drunken piece of shit. I tried to get to your school but unfortunately a bleeding guy walking down a busy street doesn't go unnoticed.
Someone called the cops- well a lot of someone's. I was brought to the hospital, half dead and bleeding out. But they sent me into surgery immediately and when I woke up 7 hours later, I was told that someone...someone killed dad. D-don't worry Mari, I know it was you and of course I'm not mad. I would have done the same thing. They didn't know it was you though, I promise.

" When I was released they were gonna put me in foster care till I turned 18, which is stupid 'cuz I was practically already an adult and 17 years old. But anyways, I ended up running before that happened and tried to find you. I searched for so long."

I reached over to Justin and grabbed his hand, needing his comfort. Instead of squeezing my hand like I expected he ended up just pull me into his lap and holding me.

I again resisted going into little space.

"A month after I got out the hospital I was pulled into some gang, they made me do some stuff that I wasn't proud of but I needed money. When I told them I was done doing their dirty work they just took me hostage. Two years. Two years Mariposa, that's how long they had me in some dirty basement, sitting in my own blood and piss, only spraying me with a hose every two weeks. Then some mafia attacked and left after unlocking the basement door. So I started to live a normal life... Well as normal as i could. I took up a job as a photographer and traveled and looked for you while doing so. And I finally found you. I'm sorry little sister, for not trying harder to find you. For taking so long. Please, p-please forgive me Mariana-" a tear fell down his cheek as I got up and hugged him.

" Of course I forgive you," I whispered.

Five minutes later, he stopped crying and someone cleared their throat.

It was Jason.

" Now that all the mushy gushy is over I have some semi-bad news. Issa and I are leaving."

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