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Justin's pov

(Continue of last chapter)

I took in a deep breath at her confession.

I was shocked. My sweet little baby was pushed to the point that she believed murder was the best solution to all her problems and it saddens me to imagine the amount of pain that put her through.

We looked each other in the eye and I could tell she was trying to figure out how I was feeling. I stayed quiet, a sign for her to continue.

" I ran to my room where I gathered the essentials. Then I left through my bedroom window because I didn't want to see his corpse. I was a murderer and it scared me. It still does.

"I ran to the only person that I knew wouldn't tell. It was my best friend Austin. I told him what happened, cried on his shoulder begging for him to help me. I stayed a couple days before his friend out of state said I could stay with him. It was William. When I arrived at his home he insisted I didn't go to public school for my safety and I agreed. Then after a while he told me he liked me and that I'd make the perfect girlfriend for him. It wasn't long after that he introduced me to BDSM. But of course things aren't supposed to be easy for me and he started to neglect and abuse me. Then I was sold to the adoption center."

Maris' cheeks glisten with her tears and her eyes are wet with them, sadness shining through.

Without saying a word , I gently grip the back of her neck and kiss her.

When we pull away, I started straight into her eyes.

"I love you Mariana more than anything in this world. You telling me that you gave some dick head what he deserved will not change that. Nothing every will."

She sniffles and gives me a small smile.

"I love you too Daddy. Thank you for listening."

"Thank you baby, for telling me."

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