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Shit is gonna go down in this chapter guys!!!

Maris pov

"Baby, hurry up, or you wont have enough time to go in the horses!" I heard Daddy yell from down stairs, ass i finished putting my hair my braid

"Coming!" I yell as i skip down the stairs.

Today we were gonna ride the horses and my pony because yesterday I was bad. Daddy daid that if i wanted to go i had to be good and be ready 2 gours before lunch so i could learn how to ride them and take care of them.

I smiled when i saw daddy by the door and quickly gave him a kiss on the cheek before walking out the door and down the little pathway.

As we walked down to the gravel road, we talked and laughed and joked around, so i didnt really notice when we finally go to the stables till i looked up from my feet.

I squealed and ran up to the horses as daddys laugh echo around me.

"Hi babies!!! I missed you!!!!" I yelled  to them all.

We went up to Cara's stall and i pet her.

"Can i ride her?"

Daddy playfully tapped his chin in a thoughtful manner, earning a giggle from me, until he finally shrugged his shoulders and nodded.

"You can pick whichever one you want to ride, princess. "

So the both of us readied the horse. Dadddy taught me how to groom and saddle Cara, before we lead her to the big field behind the stables.

After putting on my helmet and riding boots, i hopped on and Dada lead the horse till i got the hang of it.

He let go of me and Cara and I started to ride her by myself.

Justin's pov

I had let go of Mari a couple of minuets ago and just started to watch her enjoy herself.

She wore a toothy grin, as she giggled and pet the horse's mane. (a/n: Idfk what it's called. The horse hair,tf.😂)

I was about to go get a horse so we can leave the field when I heard the loud noise of a gun shot.

My eyes widen when Cara, Mary's horse, gets scared jumping up and running off after my princess falls off.

I run over to my baby girl and see her hands have blood on them, but she answered before I even had to ask.

"It's hers! It's her! Someone shot her neck!" Mariana sobbed as she pointed to the horse, who I didn't notice fall.

I look down and see her wince as she tried to move a little, then looks at me with teary eyes.

"I can't move my leg, it hurts." She continues I scoop her up and rush towards the house, while she tries to make me go to the horse.

When we reached the house I told a maid to check on Cara  and to call a vet while also speed walking to my car.

After calming my princess down a little I hope into the car with her laid down in the backseat, speeding to the hospital.

The question that wouldn't leave my head was one I was determined to answer.

Who the hell shot at my baby?

It went from zero to a hundred real quick!

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