T W E N T Y - F I V E

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Mariana's POV

(Two weeks after she was taken)

"Hi little slut."

I stayed quiet with my head bowed and my knees on the cold, hard floor.

"How would you like to finally get to suck masters big ćock? Hmm little slut?"

I swallowed the sound that threatened to escape. This moment was inevitable, I knew that since the first day.

The sound of him undoing his belt echoes in my ears and years stream down my face.

I think of Justin. My daddy. I think about all the times he cheered me up and wiped my tears away. He wasn't here for that anymore though.

I then start to think about how disgusted he would be with me. He wouldn't want me back after this. I'll be too broken.

"Get to work little slut, maybe after we can give you a little bit of pleasure."


I lay on the floor, shaking with silent sobs and a broken heart. That man was disgusting and cruel.

He took everything from me now. My dignity, my virginity, and my daddy. I have nothing now.

It had been two hours since he left and all I can do is replay every horrific part of what he did to.

"You like choking on masters ćock?"

"Swallow little slut."

"Oh little slut you have such a nice, warm mouth."

"Masters just going to have to breed with you today. I'm going to plant a lot of little babies in you."

"So tight."

"Masters loves your tight little cunt. Your my favorite fuck toy."

Every disgusting word that came out his mouth replayed over and over and over in my head. He took it. The only thing I had left.

The horrible memory was cut short when the door was slammed open and a man stepped in.

"Oh look! It's little innocent Mari, finally used the way she deserves to be! What a precious sight."


I stayed quiet but scooted back.

"You're naked and shivering with your masters cum dripping out of your quivering pússy. Oh how I wish I was the first to fuck that tight hole, but hey. Beggars can't be choosers."

He unbuckled his belt and slips off his pants, his shirt and boxers following soon after until he is completely naked.

"Come here Mariana."

I hesitated for a moment, but eventually followed his orders and got up to walk towards him.

I stared at the floor with empty eyes, not knowing how to feel. Justin wasn't going to take me back. I was no longer a virgin. He wouldn't love a broken little girl.

I felt Williams cold hands glide down my hips, to my thighs and up again.

"I still love you Mari. I only sold you because I had too. But really you're  my little baby and I'll take care of you, okay?"

I looked into his eyes and saw a look of longing , but I also saw the crazy.

Hush hand stopped on my waist and his grip tightened," okay, slut?"

I nodded.

"Good girl."


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