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Diapered by my step-mom by Tbdlreader
Diapered by my step-momby Tbdlreader
This is the story of a seventeen year old girl named Milly who gets diapered by her step-mom when her dad goes on a months long business trip
Tender Care  by tayiah18
Tender Care by tayiah18
in which a 17 year old girl encounters her favorite band, and realizes how much they want her. |OneDirection ageplay|
Make Him Mine (Ddlb) by LittleLove1899
Make Him Mine (Ddlb)by LittleLove1899
Brandon has a secret. He loves to call people daddy in his head when he dates them but he would never tell anyone. But one day surfer jock Nate overhears him masturbatin...
Daddies Chose Me  by AlyssaBailey966
Daddies Chose Me by Alyssa Bailey
Alexis was a smart girl who lived a silent life. She is a high school senior who took her education seriously. Her mom wasn't much of a parent. She went to the library...
Baby Ellie Meets Her Daddies by babyellie79
Baby Ellie Meets Her Daddiesby babyellie79
Ellie is a 30 year old woman with a very troubled past. To cope with her past, she frequently enters "little space". Ellie has never had a caregiver and has...
My Wish Button Story by Rae_the_Writer95
My Wish Button Storyby Rae
Emily finds a magic pen that can grant her wishes. She may be a teenager but she much rather fill her diapers.
baby!niall | ziall ageplay [abdl] by whiiteberry
baby!niall | ziall ageplay [abdl]by cupcake.
A Ziall Ageplay Story. {abdl}
Draco's Little girl by skullmoonshine
Draco's Little girlby skullmoonshine
DISCLAIMER: this book is being edited! I'm also changing the name of the main character. Her previous name was Temperance but it is now going to be Lily. So some chapter...
The Dare by pizzajoe123
The Dareby pizzajoe123
How a girl named Ava and her best friend Julia got in diapers.
Alfred & Daniel: An Age-Regression Story by AboutABoy1
Alfred & Daniel: An Age-Regression...by AboutABoy1
Overworked, underpaid and highly stressed, a 23yr old man struggles under the pressure of being an adult. His older neighbour helps him cope by subtly regressing him int...
Diapered Wishes by portiapee63
Diapered Wishesby portiapee63
A down-on-her-luck girl named Jessica is given the power to fulfill her deepest desires through a magical diaper. With nearly limitless power, what fantasies will she br...
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Discipline by Mia_2022
Disciplineby Mia
Kyle has always been curious about ddlb. He heard that it could help him stop being stressed out and regress back to childhood. So when a seasonal dom asks if he would l...
The Wish Button by Leokegan
The Wish Buttonby Leo
Just a wish button story Contains ABDL
The Three Wishs by BabyCandy3716
The Three Wishsby Candy Playz
A girl named Liberty finds a weird looking thing on the ground. It contains 3 wishes. What 3 wishes is she going to make? Will she regret them? Read the story to find ou...
Undercover Baby by qwertydiaps
Undercover Babyby QwertyDiaps
Naomi is an FBI agent that specializes in exposing human trafficking organizations. But what happens when one of her missions does not go according to plan?
My Teachers Baby by bizzarexz1
My Teachers Babyby bizzarexz1
Danny, a 17-year-old boy, has had a relatively rough upbringing, not knowing who his father is, and hi mom not being present due to her very apparent alcohol problem. H...
Boruto's Revenge (Abdl) by cantstopmytear
Boruto's Revenge (Abdl)by cantstopmytear
Boruto gets mad at his father and gets a plan to make him pay
Daddy's Little Pup by Leokegan
Daddy's Little Pupby Leo
After being kicked out of his tribe and almost killed. Weyln ran away and ended up at an auction house.
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Baby Of The Month by MeXagainstXtheXworld
Baby Of The Monthby MeXagainstXtheXworld
《BOOK ONE in the Chronicles of Mischief saga》 When Sylvester Morgan had signed the contract, agreeing to become Jackson Palmer's baby boy, it had been unclear what to ex...