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Zach's Pajamas by Deekerfan2
Zach's Pajamasby Deekerfan2
Zach's new girlfriend loves his fondness of Disney movies. She decides to buy him some pajamas that coincide with his interests and unbeknownst to him, he slowly begins...
REFORMATION by Swaggy_Serendipity
Felix Heeler, a troubled and rebellious teenager, leads a life marked by destructive actions, however, a fateful night changes everything when Felix's reckless behaviour...
Summoning Daddy. by Cendrillon1996
Summoning Daddy.by Cinderella
As the tittles says, I summoned him, expecting to be loved, worshipped, taken care of. What I received was a spanking to my bum and a scolding for my attempts. But I d...
Story 1: Diaper confession by Chrrch92
Story 1: Diaper confessionby Chrrch92
*sexual and mature content* I, Chris, tell my girlfriend, molly, about my diaper fetish. what ensues afterward is something I could never imagine. A whole day filled wit...
𝑀.𝑀.𝐹.𝒜.𝒪.𝐿.𝒮 by yenaybarbii
𝑀.𝑀.𝐹.𝒜.𝒪.𝐿.𝒮by 𝗥𝘃𝗲𝘀𝘀𝗶
M.M.F.A.O.L.S = My mafia family and our little sister Eleven Abramo , just a child in foster care . . After a terrible "accident". . she goes to live with he...
little space& love life of Oliver, bxb by noaisthename
little space& love life of Oliver...by noaisthename
Oliver is a 5'4, gay, 17 year old boy. he's thick but a bit insecure about it as well. he's also a little, tho nobody knows. he's been crushing on Jacob for quite a whi...
He finds out  by jakeandamy5
He finds out by jakeandamy5
What happends when Amy slips at work and Jake's the only one there
Diffident {CGLRE/ BoyxBoy} by ajwrites13
Diffident {CGLRE/ BoyxBoy}by AJ
Austen has DPD (Dependent Personality Disorder) and has been attached to his brother Tobias' side for most of his life. When the rent goes up and Tobias doesn't have eno...
Lucifer's Little Angel by sunflowr03
Lucifer's Little Angelby Sunflower03
One day, Lucifer, the ruler of the entire Hell, got bored at his routine. He wished nothing but to have something other than the demons he governed, someone to take care...
Going back to diapers by SuiramNat
Going back to diapersby Suiram Nat
After Suzie starts wetting again, her mom decides to get some... "protection". THE FIRST THREE CHAPTERS WERE INSPIRED BY ANOTHER STORY THAT WAS DISCONTINUED AN...
SOLD. by Cendrillon1996
SOLD.by Cinderella
The world has changed, vampires are a thing now, you can belong to one, to have a giant amount of money, the money would go to your family or people of your choice. Andr...
To Diaper a Pop Star by ABDLRia
To Diaper a Pop Starby Ria
Sophie Parker is a small celebrity who's name is quickly gaining attention. And she's the most spoiled, bossy, and demanding bitch of a boss a personal assistant could h...
Daytime Accidents (Finished) by AshSharky
Daytime Accidents (Finished)by Ash
After two accidents earlier this week, Mandy's brother had enough. She then gets surprised when he pulls something for "protection" out of the shopping bag.
Babysitters Mistake by radicalpoetbath
Babysitters Mistakeby A Danish Writer
This is a story of a not that tall 19 year old girl named Natalie who gets mistaken for a 9 year old with a bladder infection by a babysitter.
Diaper Wishes by DLT1122
Diaper Wishesby DLT1122
**NSFW** Ever wish you could get the wishes of your inner most disires? Well here's a story of how how I would wish if i could!
Riverdale Little Space Community by lunastuffies
Riverdale Little Space Communityby Luna 🙈
This is an sfw age regression book! Many of you would call it ddlg, but it's nonsexual. I'm not good in this, so just keep reading to fins out hehe
Bunny || Steve Kemp story  by nnieForreingt
Bunny || Steve Kemp story by Annie Forreinght
The first thing I need to say is that this is ABDL story. If you don't like this kind of content I recommend reading a different story . ________________________________...
Stolen by bisexual_fanboy
Stolenby Taylor
James, a teenaged trans boy, is kidnapped and taken away from everything he knows
the wishing button by PaddedJordan15
the wishing buttonby Jordan
hunter is a 15 year old half skunk half fox furry who finds a pen that changes his life.
Little husband  by GraffitiKings420
Little husband by Zackery Knapp
Standing at 5'3" 1/2 is Holt Richter age 42 he lives his wife named kimmy and they also have daughter named Jane they are both taller and stronger then him he also...