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Mariana s pov

"Baby... baby girl wake up,i have a suprise for you."

I instantly sit up at the word suprise and grin at a smiling Daddy.

"What suprise?!? Oh, Daddy you just HAVE to tell me! PLEASE?" I say loudly hoping he tells me.

"Tsk tsk, princess, you know its a surprise. And suprise are mwnt to be secret for a little whle. Now how about a bath and then we see the suprise. Hows that princess?" Daddy asked.

"Perfect daddy. Now hurry! Hurry!" I dragged him to the bathroom and took off one of his shirts i stole before nap time.

Daddy J has been very busy today and it was very fustrating 'cause I didnt fell my best,

"Okay baby.come here."

I hurry over and let him help me in, playing with my small duckys as he washed me.

Wen he pulled me out, he did my hair and dressed me in a pretty dress. (In media)

We walked down stairs and daddy brought me to the backyard and down a small path.

"How do you feel about ponies princess?" He asked as we walked, hand in hand.

I looked down and started to kick the tiny baby rocks

"I love them. They are super cute and smaller than the horseys an-"

I looked up and saw a bunch of little ponies and horses and Squealed.

"Look Daddy!!! Theres pretty ponies and Horses!" I yelled rushing over to the little fence they were behind, and going on my tippy toes to see better.

My Daddy laughed a little.

"There is one pony, the rest are just horses, baby." He explains, but i could care less.

"Who owns them Daddy?" I asked pouting a little when i remember i cant ride them.


"Aww, that means i can- WHAT?! THEY'RE MINE?!?" I was grinning.

"Yes baby. I bought them for you to keep. I was a bad daddy earlier and so i wanted to make it up to you. What are you going to name them?"

(A/n: to lazy to describe what they look like so, i made a visual..., your welcome. 😉😛⬇⬇)

I named the three girl horseys Chance, Cara, And Juliana, the the boy horses Clinton and Jake

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I named the three girl horseys Chance, Cara, And Juliana, the the boy horses Clinton and Jake. Then i names the pony Chanter.

Daddy said that i can only pet them today since it was getting late and then tomorrow i can ride whichever one i want.

We went home for dinner and Daddy played dress up with me and we had a tea party.

"Time for bed." He announces picking me up and dressimg me in Frozen footy pjs.

Then i went to sleep, super excited to ride the horses.

Sooo i lied.

It wont be very exciting this chapter. Just another filler.

Im hoping that the next chapter is a lot better, more fun stuff...... might add Jason McCann, we all know you can't have a JB story without just a little of JM.

Anyone is welome to make me a cover!!!!!!!!!!


Xoxoxo bye.

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