T W E N T Y - F O U R

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Justin's POV

I watched with hooded eyes as my little girl lies across her bed with her back arched and hand between her milky thighs.

"Oh Daddy," she moaned, causing the blood to rush to my dìck.

I walk further into the room quietly until I was right beside the bed watching my sexy little princess rub her clít underneath her panties.

I took my phone out and took a picture of her.

"Well isn't this a precious sight?"

Her eyes snap open wide and just as she was about to move her hand away from her clít, I put my hand above her panties and push her fingers back on her bundle of nerves which causes a whimper to escape her lips and her eyes to flutter close.

"Now, what is it that you think you are doing sweetheart? Did Daddy give you permission to touch your princess parts?"

I move her fingers through her panties, making her rub them over her slit.

"N-no Daddy," she moans arching her back.

"Were you being a naughty baby?" I ask, restraining myself from just fúcking her wet little séx.


I stopped her hand and pulled it out her panties,"yes or no, darling?" I whisper in her ear.

"Yes Daddy," she moaned while rubbing her thighs together to get friction

(The smut isn't over but OMFG. Most people probably get turned on when writing smut. Maybe they are turned on before they even start writing it. Neither is the case for me. I wrote it so you guys don't hate me for what I'm about to do. So writing this is really cringy for me. Like nooooooo, girl what are you doing !!?? Getting fingered after breaking a rule usually doesn't end well!! *Cough cough* punishment *cough*. Anywhore, back to the smut. Maybe this ruined the mood for you, maybe it didnt. The world will never know.)

" No more touching whats mine princess, not unless I tell you to. Understand?"

" Yes Daddy."

I let go of her hands, rip her pretty panties off and continue to finger fuck her, while she moans on her bed with her eyes shut.

My pants tightened at the sight but I just focused on giving my baby the pleasure that she would never get by herself.

I rub my thumb of her glistening clit while three of my fingers are knuckle deep in her dripping wet pussy.

Soon enough she is screaming and squirming in pleasure, looking beautiful with the shimmering sweat on her forehead and her juices on my fingers.

I give her a wicked smirk after licking my fingers clean, keeping in the moan from how sweet she is.

"Now darling, what do you do next time when you feel all hot and bothered?"

"Tell Daddy."

"And how will Daddy fix it?"

"By pleasuring me."

I bring her lips to mine and kiss her deeply, adoring the feeling of her soft, sweet lips.

"Good girl."

I gasp awake with tears streaming down my face and sweat drenching my body.

Honestly I wish I could say that, that was a dream, but it was a memory. A reminder that my precious doll was taken from me and I haven't gotten her back yet.

It's been two weeks since she was taken. Meaning it's been two weeks of cruel memories and a broken heart.

A son escapes my lips as I think of her. My Mariana.

My precious baby girl.


...I have very few words for this chapter. Just that I hate myself for being such a cruel human and that I'm sorry for not dieing in a ditch sooner.




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Love you all ❤ and Happy New years.

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