F I F T E EN (tbh idk how to spell 15)

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Justin's POV

I paced at the edge of my bed as I thought about yesterday afternoons events.

It's hard to figure everything out.

Why would anyone attack me?

Who sent those men?

How long till something happened to Mariana?

I panicked at the thought of anything worse than a hurt leg happening to my sweet little doll.

I decided to just distract myself from my thoughts and went down stairs where I saw Jason sitting on the couch watching some show and the girls playing with their dolls.

I sit next to Jason and start to watch the show.

There is a guy who shoots an arrow that explode after it hits a really hairy teenager in the arm.

I feel my eyebrows scrunch together.

"What the heck is this crap?" I question.

Jason was quick to pause it and turn to me with wide eyes.

"Crap?! Are you fucking with me?! Teen wolf is my shit!"

Both our girls look towards us and giggle.

"You're acting like a teenage girl." I state calmly.

"You know what Justin," he sniffles,"we're done. I'm tired of your shit, and those judgmental eyes."

He wipes an imaginary tear and walk to the kitchen.

I look at the girls and my eyes widen when I see them getting up.

"Why are guys leaving?"

"Teen wolf is a good show daddy."Mari states.

I frown as they walk through the same door way that Jason went .

All that drama over a show.


After apologizing to Jason and saying that the wolf show was awesome, we all went out for dinner, and since Jason is the most wanted fugitive in the world, he wore fake glasses and blue contacts.

When we were seated I asked the waitress to get two coloring pages for the girls and our menus.

When the waitress came back me and Jason got a beer and ordered the girls strawberry lemonade (which was all Mariana had been drinking lately).


I look at my little doll and smile.

"Yes baby?"

"Will you play tic-tac-toe with me please?"

I chuckle and nod,"of course baby doll."

I watch as she draws the chart, and puts a circle in the middle box then I drew my x in the top right block.

She won the first time and was super happy, then she won the second time, then the third time.

And believe it or not I was trying , which made losing a whole lot more frustrating.

Just as I was about to rip the paper in half we got our drinks and the girls started to draw each other.

I took a sip of my drink and waited patiently as jason ordered his food and Issa's.

I started to think about yesterday again, and imagined not being able to get the girls inside on time.

What if Mari had gotten shot at?

Would she have left me?

What if she got shot?

My hands tightened under the table and my blood was boiling.

"I'm gonna go to the restroom."

I didn't wait for a response before getting out of our booth and heading towards the bathrooms.

I splashed some water in my face and tried to calm myself down.

It took about five minutes but I was eventually able to leave the bathroom.

When I opened the restroom door, I saw Jason standing there on the phone with an anger look and just decided to ignore it and get to the girls who were left unattended.

And what I saw when I got there was anything but pleasing.

Both bottles of beer were empty and two swaying little girls.

While I stood there in shock, Jason came back to the table and looked at me with confusion.

"What's wrong?"

"Our beers are empty and I'm pretty sure Mari and Issa drank them."

He looks at the now giggling girl, with wide eyes and an open mouth.

"Oh shit."

I look over to him,"wanna know the worst part?"

He looked over at me.

"We can't even punish them tomorrow because we'll be to busy trying to help them with their hangover."



Who else watches teen wolf?

I'm in love with stiles

I know someone who writes teen wolf fanfic, if you wanna read it her story account is


Anyways sorry for not updating for a while, WhOoPs

Had writers block but I'll try to update more!

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