"You can't ignore her forever," I look up from my laptop while lounging back on the lounge

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"You can't ignore her forever," I look up from my laptop while lounging back on the lounge. "Because I'm not going to be a carrier pigeon forever, but these are from Blair."

Taylor pulls out a packet of skittles attached to two cans of Dr Pepper by a dark red bow. My lips tug in the slightest, closing my laptop Taylor takes it as a sign to enter. She flops down beside me and holds out the essential peace treaty items to me.

"How did you even get inside?" I question and she jingles her keys at me. "That's kind of concerning when I didn't give you that key."

She flips her keys back into her hand and points a finger at me. "Your dad gave me a key about two years ago so I wouldn't disturb him everytime I came to pick you up for school."

"For some reason I don't believe that," I furrow my eyebrows and she rolls her eyes, sinking back into the lounge. "Why did he give you a key?"

Her head rests back and she stared at the ceiling. "So I could check up on you instead of calling him every day you didn't go to school."

"Taylor!" My eyes widen at her and I sit up after carefully placing the laptop on the coffee table. "You called my dad-"

"I was worried! We both were when you would only show up two days a week - if that," I sink my teeth into my bottom lip as guilt seeps its way into my system. "Which is why Blair didn't tell you what everyone was saying about you. We were trying to protect you or stop you from falling off the edge because releastically you were hanging by a thread."

I swallow and nod. "What else were they saying?"

Taylor rolls her head to the side to look at me. She sighs and shakes her head, turning in her seat. "It's really not that important anymore when you think about it. Nobody talks about it, they don't acknowledge it, to them it's just you going through a rebellious phase."

"That's because none of them know the truth," I cluck my tongue and fiddle with my ring. "But then again I'd rather have the mysterious vibe then the sympathetic one."

"You're not still . . . " She drags on and I look up from underneath my eyeslashes. "Blaming yourself for her death, are you?"

"She died because she was depressed," I force a small smile. "That wasn't my fault and something I couldn't control."

I take the small package from her and pull at the bow while pushing myself to my feet. Taylor follows me into the kitchen where I put the cans into the fridge to get cold and get the glass jar that holds my skittles. Opening the packet with my teeth I twist the cap before pouring them inside.

"I hate when you do this." I pop a skittle into my mouth giving a shrug.

"Because I'm not willing to talk about my feelings, that annoys you?"

"Yes!" She exclaims, shaking her head out of annoyance. "Seriously, it's infuriating that you keep everything bottled up and leave your actions to confuse your thought process. Like I still don't understand what possessed you to jump in front of Rhys' younger brother."

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