"Someone's in trouble," Blair teases as I begin to pack up my things

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"Someone's in trouble," Blair teases as I begin to pack up my things.

Although her tone is joking I can still feel the bubble of anxiety forming inside my stomach, creeping its way up to my throat. I haven't done anything to my knowledge and that's terrifying to me. On top of that this is my first class of senior year which doesn't leave a good impression on the teacher to be called out already.

I don't get into trouble - a nun, a baby would have a higher rate of being in trouble then I would. Maybe an over- exaggeration but I'm starting to worry now.

I close my folder and put my bag onto my shoulder. "I'll get your notes off of you during lunch, okay?"

The spark of playfulness in her blue eyes flicker momentarily upon making eye contact with me. But it returns seconds later at the same time the small smile that stops most boys hearts appears. She reaches across for my desk, holding the green slip between two of her fingers.

"Relax. You're too much of a goody two shoes to be in trouble," She waves the paper slightly and I take it from her. "I do however want details, maybe it's about you being valedictorian."

I scrunch up my face and shake my head. "You have to be smart in order to get that title."

Rolling her eyes I don't give her a chance to respond before leaving the classroom. Mr Frankel gives me a disapproving look that makes me want to apologize, instead I shoot him a tight lipped smile. I disappear from the burning gaze of my mathematics teacher and into the hallway.

The desertion allows my pace to be quick, occasionally my converse clad feet scruff against the linoleum floors. I look down at the dark green piece of paper in my hands that's summoned me out of class and to the admin office. What could it be for?

It can't be for my schedule because there's no mistake in my classes. At least I hope they aren't planning to switch anything, I like it this year.

There's no circle over the principal or deputy on the form. My name, classroom and now being the only traces of ink on the paper.

I flip it over to check the back incase there's something else like the time I lost my ID card in sophomore year. But there's nothing there which only leaves two possibilities.

One of them being someone is here to collect me. Considering dad is at work - more often than not - and everyone else in my family is dead it seems highly unlikely, if not impossible. Which means it's for something worse than the principal's office in my eyes.

I push open the heavy glass door, it creaks gaining the attention of the office lady sitting in the glass box. A phone is resting between her shoulder and ear, hand moving frantically against the paper. I slowly approach, looking around the empty admin office.

There's nobody else in my eyesight, however the heaving from sickbay sends a chill down my spine. I'll tune that noise out. I turn my attention back as she stops writing to point over at the chairs behind me. I nod, taking a seat on the uncomfortable plastic while placing my things beside me.

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