"Come back here you bastard!"

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"Come back here you bastard!"

Her voice is loud and draws the attention of everyone that sits out on the field. A smile tugs on my lips watching the blonde chase down the guy who flung yoghurt her way, similarly to one of a cheetah.

I compare her to a cheetah because of the way she pounces on the junior without a care in the world that people are watching. They tumble in the grass until she pins him down with a knee to his back and starts yelling at him.

"Don't you think we should help?" I ask, watching Taylor pick at the Caesar salad she bought from the cafeteria.

My gaze falls back on Blair who still sits on him while fuming her irritation out. Taylor looks over her shoulder and shakes her head while chewing on the food in her mouth. Her hand covers her mouth as she speaks.

"Blair can handle herself."

"It's not Blair that I'm worried about," The junior's friends start to rush over realizing their friend's predicament. "Paper, scissors, rock?"

Rolling her eyes she drops her fork into the container holding her hand out. On a silent count of three I go scissors as she does paper. With a curse she reluctantly gets out of her spot on the picnic table, walking quickly towards the middle of the field while picking up Blair's discarded heels.

I look around at the other students that sit outside rather then the cramped cafeteria. The field is the outside area that's been claimed as a junior and senior territory since the library was moved to the other side of the school thanks to a fire. Once it was cleared safe, the woodshop classes started building tables to furnish it.

Overall there's six built shelters and almost eight picnic tables, with trees framing around a designated field. It's a nice and somewhat quiet area in comparison to the raucous inside. Besides anyone who sits out here are the outcast individuals among each year, those that don't fit into a clique.

I continue to separate my skittles into their colour groups, popping all of the yellow ones into my mouth at in one go. The sweet taste forces my cheeks to suck in but allows me to line up the next colour to go in my mouth. I add red to the mix just as someone sits beside me.

"Hey Kira," Nate smiles and I almost choke on the skittles. He rubs my back and I swallow half of the skittles in my mouth. "Sorry. I didn't know you were eating - your cheek looks better from the last time I saw it."

Reaching for my water bottle I wash down the rest of it, inhaling sharply to catch my breathe. Nate sits sideways and adjusts the straps of his backpack on his shoulders. He smiles softly while I stare at him wondering what could he possibly want.

I clear my throat although it still sounds like I'm dying. "What do you want?"

"I just wanted to talk to you when you're by yourself considering last time," I nod slowly, looking back at the scene across from me. "How's your cheek?"

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