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A/N: Dedications  goes to byuntae_jae & Emma1995jm for getting the right answer more to come
Xiu's p.o.v -
Gi was getting less than 3 hours of sleep each night and i had no idea why
" Baekhyun?!?! "
Baek: Yes
He said as he entered the room 
" Can you watch Gi for me I have to go to an early class "
Baek: Sure
" Thank you wait when are you due? "
He shrugged his shoulders
Baek: Whenever he wants to come out
" You guys gonna get a house? "
Baek: were looking now
" Ok well good luck "
Baek: Thanks
I handed him Gi then got ready for school when Chen walked out of the bathroom
Chen: You have class?
" Yeah "
Chen: Where's Gi?
" With Baekhyun because your coming with me "
Chen: Oh ok
I finished getting ready then dragged Chen with me out the front door
D.O's p.o.v -
I was sitting at hole watching a movie since I didn't have any classes today when I heard something crash in the kitchen I immediately got up and grabbed a knife before slowly creeping into the kitchen
" H - hello? "
I didn't get a response so I asked again
" Hello?? "
I was pushed against the wall by Kai his eyes a bright red
Kai: Well hello my penguin ~
" S - stop calling me that "
Kai: I don't have time to argue I'm really hungry
" Ok then go home "
He didn't respond or anything he slowly and carefully got closer to my neck
" Jongin !!! "
I warn he doesn't back off i feel his fangs pierce through my neck
Kai: Mhm so delicious ~
" Oh bite me! "
Kai: (Chuckles) I am
" Fuck you!!!!!! "
Kai: Can I?
I didn't get to respond as I felt light headed
" Kai stop I - I think I'm losing too much blood!!! "
Kai: No I'm still hungry I'll stop once my wounds  heal
I fell in his arms as consciousness left me
Kai's p.o.v -
I felt him go limp in my arms so I stopped and felt his pulse it was getting weaker and weaker & I needed to act fast so I bit my wrist and put it in his mouth waited for him to start swallowing which he did a few minutes later he didn't wake up meaning he was either dead or turning so I layed him on the couch and waited  for him to wake up and feed the me like Xiumin did Chen

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