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Time Skip: A day later
Kris's p.o.v -
We were watching a movie he was on my lap rubbing his belly when I felt something gushy on my pants
" Tao? "
Tao: I - I think my water broke
" Wait what? What does that mean? "
Tao: The twins are coming
" Oh shoot what should I do? "
Tao: I don't think there's enough time the go to the hospital so go get the inflatable kiddy pool please
" That's what that was for? "
He nodded and I went to go get it then brought it back down and inflated it
Tao: Did you fill it with warm water?
" Ugh no "
Tao: Go do that please
I nodded and grabbed a big bucket then filled it with water
" Done, anything else? "
Baek: Nope I got it from here
" Where did you come from? "
Baek: My mother
Tao: I called him since he's been through this
Baek: Even though there are two baby's I'm more than happy to help
" What do I do? "
Tao: Hold my hand and keep quiet
" Got it "
I said helping him into the kiddy pool
Tao's p.o.v -
Baek: Ok Tao on the next contraction push until I say 3
I nodded my head as I felt a contraction I started to push
" Ahhhh!!! "
Baek: 1 - 2 - 3
I stopped and caught my breath
Kris: Your doing great
I know he was trying to encourage me but I haven't even pushed out one baby
" Kris "
I warned
Kris: Sorry
I felt another one so I pushed again then felt something pop out
Baek: There's baby # 1, one more to go
I felt Kris let go of my hand
" What are you doing? "
Kris: Making sure he doesn't drown
" Ok "
I said as another contraction came I pushed even harder and felt another pop
Baek: You did it!
I heard 2 cries after I stopped having contractions Baekhyun helped me out while Kris wrapped the twins in towels
Kris: Go rest Honey
" You sure? "
He nodded his head
Kris: Don't worry they'll be here when you come back down
" Ok "
I said as Baekhyun helped me upstairs as soon as I was tucked in I dozed off
A/N: There are a couple more chapters then it the end, and yes there is a sequel after this so be ready for that

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