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Kai's p.o.v -
I walked in to the living room with D.O to see Kris holding Gi while she was moving around in his arms and a random boy next to him
Kris: Stop moving Gi ~
Tao: Well maybe if you held her right here hand her to me
He did I chuckled then looked at D.O who had his mouth wide open
D.O: Tao you have a baby?
Tao: No it's Xiu's adopted baby
D.O: Oh
" Anyways where are the rest of our brothers? "
Kris: Suho left somewhere with Lay, Chen & Xiumin are out shopping, & Chanyeol & Sehun moved out with there boyfriends
" Really Damn..... "
D.O: Who was I suppose to meet?
" Next time they come over you'll meet them "
D.O: Ok
Tao: Kris I have to go too my practice
Kris: Oh yeah right, Could you guys watch her?
" sure "
Tao handed Gi to D.O before they left
Tao's p.o.v -
As I was walking in I noticed nobody else in the practice room
" Mhm guess it's just me "
Kris: You want me to leave?
" I mean if you want "
Kris: I'll just go get you some water
" Ok "
I grabbed my sword and started doing this dangerous move I learned awhile ago but started having trouble remembering the last part so I just tried to make one up and ended up dropping the sword I picked it up and tried again but stabbed myself in the gut blood  started pouring out of my mouth I knelt on the ground holding the sword so it didn't move
" K - K - Kris....... H - H - Help "
I said falling but I didn't hit the ground
Kris: What happened?
" I - I hurt myself d - doing this crazy trick "
Kris: I'm gonna take the sword out
" O - Ok... "
He grabbed the end of the sword and slowly pulled it out while I screamed out
Kris: S - sorry do you want me to turn you?
" P - please "
He bit his wrist and brought it up to my mouth once I had enough he broke my neck

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