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A/N: This is J.So's room
Baekhyun's p.o.v -
After I helped Tao get in bed I left to go back home where Chanyeol was feeding Jun some red liquid on a spoon
" Hey I'm back "
Chan: Oh hey
" What you feeding him? "
Chan: Strawberries
" Oh for a second I thought it was blood "
Chan: No he hasn't found his mate yet
" Oh is that why you can only drink my blood and vice versa? "
Chan: Yeah
I just slowly nodded walking over to Jun
" Hi baby did you miss Mommy? "
He started slapping the sit up chair while giggling
Jun: Momma!
Chan: He wouldn't stop saying that after you left so I started feeding him
" Is he done? "
I asked before Chanyeol nodded I then picked Jun up and took him upstairs to the bathroom so he could get all the strawberry juice off him
" You are such a messy boy "
I said as he splashed around in the tub he then did something I hadn't expected he stood up and walked around in the tub
" Omg Chanyeol!!! "
Chan: What?!?!
" Just come here!!! "
I heard him run into the bathroom
Chan: Holy shit
" I know he just stood up and started walking "
I said as I picked him up in one his hoodie towels
Jun: Daddy?
Chan: Yes?
Jun: W - when is my little sister wonna be worn?
" How do you know it's a girl Jun? "
Jun: Cause I had a wision
Chan: A vision of what?
Jun: Me and sissy playing
I looked at Chanyeol while he looked at me
" Ok Jun time for a nap ok "
Jun: O - Tay
I took him in his room and put him on his race car bed since he's been getting bigger then got him dressed in a onesie and kissed his forehead before leaving the room
Chan: I think Jun is starting to have powers
" No really the whole vision thing wasn't a big enough warning "
I said sarcastically as he just stared at me
Chan: Anyways we have to figure out if he's right about you having a little girl or not
" I guess we do "
I said rubbing my little belly
Chan: I'll set up an appointment for next month
" Ok I'm gonna go take a nap myself "
Chan: Ok have a good rest
He said before I left to our room
Sehun's p.o.v -
We just got back from the hospital and it was quiet well almost quiet the tv was in the background
Chan: Oh hey guys welcome back
Lu: Where's Baekhyun & Jun?
Chan: A sleep
" You mind helping me with these two so Luhan can go sleep? "
Chan: Sure
He said hoping off the couch and walking over to us and picking up Hwan's carrier to there room I kissed Luhan's forehead before following him
" You can put him in the crib they should stay asleep for another hour "
Chan: Ok
" Oh and Congrats on the second kid "
Chan: (chuckles) Thanks and Congrats on these two
He says as he places Hwan on the right side of the crib
" Thanks "
Chan: We should have a bro's night out tomorrow
He said as I placed Shaung on the other side of Hwan
" And leave the baby's with our boyfriends? That's not gonna settle good "
Chan: They'll be fine
Baek: Who will be fine?
" We were talking about a bro's night out "
Baek: Oh well I think you guys deserve it, I ask the others and give you an answer
Chan: Really?
Baek: Yes
Chan: I love you ~
" We know "
I said pushing him out and taking the baby monitor and leaving the door just a crack
D.O's p.o.v -
" Ooh!!! "
Kai: What?!?!
" I have a name since its a boy "
Kai: What is it?
" J. So "
Kai: I like it
" I know it's a perfect boy name and plus it has your initials and mines "
Kai: Ah your right!
" Anyways is his nursery done yet? "
Kai: Yes
" Can I see it? "
Kai: Sure but close your eyes
" Ok "
I closed my eyes as he took me upstairs as gently as he could then I felt him stop
Kai: Open!
I did and I started crying
" It so cute "
Kai: I had the guys help
" Aww baby thank you "
I said as I hugged him he wiped my tears off and kissed my forehead
Kai: Anything for you and little J. So
" I'm tired come lay with me? "
He nodded I dragged him to our room and we laid down a d fell asleep
A/N: So I'm doing this really cute what's in my hospital bag with D.O idea next chapter since he's very smart and wants to be prepared you guys can also ask questions to all the characters

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