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Time Skip: 5 in the morning
D.O's p.o.v -
I was in a dark place handcuffed to the wall
Suga: Do you know why your here?
He said through the bars of the door
" N - no "
Suga: Ok good let me explain, Your boyfriends two brothers killed my pack members so too get back at them me and my boyfriend decided to kidnap all your kids, leave a note and trap you, then kill you all
" But I'm not apart of this "
Suga: You are now, don't worry we'll feed you and take care of you until the baby's born then it's goodbye to you and your friends
And with that he left I started crying because I probably wouldn't be able to see Kai or the baby before they killed me
Baekhyun's p.o.v -
I felt Jun jumping up and down on my stomach so I would wake up which I did but it wasn't just Jun there was some unknown man bouncing him up and down on me
" W - who are you? "
Suga: Yoongi
" Why are you here? "
Suga: Oh you'll find out sooner or later
He said as he walked to the window    as he was about to leave I held Jun close and started screaming for Chanyeol in an instant Yoongi was right next to me he covered my mouth and took me & Jun with him out the window Jun started crying not liking the height I then felt myself back on the ground
Suga: Get in!
I did as he said not wanting to put Jun in anymore danger he got in the front where I noticed there was another male he looked familiar
" O - omg your from that Bangtan pack I thought Sehun & Suho killed everyone "
Suga: Apparently not and now your all going to pay
I just sat quiet looking at Jun who had calmed down but still looked scared
" It's okay baby don't be scared "
I whispered to him Yoongi then started driving to who knows where all I know is that it took awhile to get to wherever they were taking us
Chanyeol's p.o.v -
I heard Baekhyun scream so I rushed up the stairs as fast as I could but he was nowhere to be seen neither was Jun and that made me feel uneasy
" B - Baek???? "
No answer I looked around the room and saw a note
|I have your baby and boyfriend if you want them back meet me at this location in a month (insert random address)
Sincerely, Suga from the Bangtan pack|
Then it clicked
" N - no "
Then I got angry and started thrashing things around until a knock sounded on my door I went to open it still fuming mad to see Kai standing there with tears in his eyes
" What happened? "
Kai: He took him
" Suga? "
Kai: Whatever his fucking mane is yeah Why? Where's Baekhyun? Jun?
" H - he got them too "
Kai: We have to get them back
" I know how he gave me a note "
Kai: Good lets take it to Suho and we'll make a plan
I nodded and went upstairs and got the note from the messed up room and came back down
Time Skip: Noon
Suho's p.o.v -
I was sitting on the couch with Lay and everyone except Sehun & Luhan because of his C - section  shaking my leg in anger after I heard what Chanyeol and Kai told us
" This is my fault..... "
Kris: How?
" If I hadn't sent you guys to investigate none if this would have happened "
Chen: That's not true they would have came after us and this still would have happened
Tao: I think what would be best for us is to stay close
Xiu: I agree they can't get the baby's or us if we're all together
" Or maybe that's what they want we should all move to separate places "
Chan: Why?
" They won't be able to find us all across the world it'll take to long "
Kris: I agree
Kai: M - me too
You could hear his pain in those words
Chen: Me and Xiu agree
Tao: If it keeps my baby's safe I agree
Lay hugged me and whispered
Lay: I agree to for are little Princess
I blushed after he said that I blushed a little
" Ok then it's down to Chanyeol then "
I said looking at him
Chan: Fine I'm in but in a month I'm coming back and getting my family
Kai: You can live with me?
He nodded
" Alright then it's settled let's not speak out loud where we're going in case someone is listening in "
We started mind messaging each other where we were planning on going me & Lay wanted to go to Hawaii, TaoRis wanted to go to China, XiuChen wanted to go to L.A., ChanKai wanted to go to ( kick some ass) New York
Kris: Great let's leave tonight
" I'll pay for all the tickets "
I have a private account for emergencies like these we all got up and went to our different houses to pack of course me & Lay stayed since we still live in this big house after everybody left
Jungkook's p.o.v -
I was staring at the one who had a baby in his hands
" Are you expecting another? "
Baek: Y - yes
" Did it hurt when you gave birth? "
Baek: Yeah it did but afterwards I was okay why do you ask?
" Because I'm expecting and it's my first time so I'm a little nervous "
Baek: I'm sure you'll be fine
" Mhm for a prisoner your pretty nice "
Baek: Well that's how I was raised
I hummed before walking away
" Honey ~ "
Suga: Yes?
" I've been rethinking this whole thing "
Suga: Why Bunny?
" Because it seems cruel to include the ones who have nothing to do with it "
Suga: I guess your right Bunny go set them free I'll go get the ones we really need
" Ok "
He gave me the keys I walked back over to the door and unlocked then opened
Baek: Why are you letting us go?
" Because we changed our minds "
He got the other boy up and they ran off out the door
Suga: I'll be back
He said kissing my forehead
" Ok be careful "
I said as he left I rubbed my belly as I went to the couch
A/N: Does that mean there after Luhan and Lay?

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